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June 30, 2010

Random Post from Iphone

June 30, 2010

Its time to move on

It all started in the Summer of 2008. Since then we were unseparable even though there were some gaps as I was busy with my personal and professional life. I had a great time spending time with it. Recently I have felt that it was time to move on and try something new and different.

Yes I am moving away from blogger to wordpress. I have already exported all the content (both personal and travel blogs) into wordpress. My new home for bl0gging is here.

I might miss blogger but at the same time hoping that I will have a great time here.

June 21, 2010

Its June

I know its an accurate yet pointless title. The fact is I have been real busy all these days and I wanted to write something here.

For last two months I have been working even on the weekends and the schedules and unplanned work is killing my sleep. I have so many complaints from family and friends that I am not being in touch with them. I guess I should convey these messages to my managers.

This month has been special so far as it was my parents 32nd Successful Marriage Anniversary. Even though I was not there I was hoping that they would have a great time and celebrate many more anniversaries. Its also Father’s day this month and it would have been great if I was there with my dad. Last but not the least, Its French Open, NBA, FIFA & Iphone 4 release.

I also saw some real good movies this month which includes Prince of Persia, Karate Kid and Toy Story. I also saw Raavan which was badly made. For the next whole week I will be again busy with my work schedule. Thats all from me now.