Random Post from Iphone


  1. Bubs

    Great picture. I got a call from London a couple of months back, for a job opening with an investment bank in Singapore. It make me think of some possibilities. Friendly enquiries revealed that life in Singapore might not be king size, like in USA, but has its own charm. Will call you this weekend.

    • Hi Parker … Long time …
      What you heard about Singapore is absolutely correct. You cannot expect the same life as in USA. For example:
      Car is a luxury item here
      Rentals are very high (Around 2000 to 3000 bucks for a nice house)
      More of tamilian people around you
      Schools are also costly around here and quality is not upto mark is what I heard.
      We hear Singaporeans are very friendly but I seldom came across some.

      No Problem for Indian food
      You can travel a lot as many places are nearby and there is nothing to see in Singapore
      India is just 4 hours away
      Last but not the least .. I will be around 🙂

      Whether to stay in Singapore or not depends on what you are looking for in Singapore

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