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July 27, 2010

Technical skills or Communication skills

Since Day one of my career I had this argument about the “Importance of Communication Skills over Technical Skills” with many people in different positions of the organization. There were so many different opinions and arguments that I heard depending on individuals perspective. But since day one I have been saying that “You need communication skills to support your technical expertise”.

In my view right from cracking the interview to performing the job, you need support of communication skills more than technical expertise. You cannot impress the interviewer with correct answers but with bad communication skills. You can argue the other way round also, but I would say that the percentage of skills that we need in communication is more than what we need technically to succeed in the job.

Below are some of the arguments that I used to support my statement:

– A good solution if cannot be communicated properly will not help. But a bad solution with good communication skills can buy some time.

– You can always attract the right kind of attention needed.

– You can use your communication skills to get the response you want.

– As a lead you can be assertive with your fellows rather than being intimidating.

– You can apply communication skills to sell your ideas to the group

– Once you know what you speak, you can give constructive criticism and positive reinforcement

Finally I would say that to make others understand a technical solution needs effective communication.

July 27, 2010

Inspiring Others

Right from our childhood days we have been inspired by many means. It could be a person or a situation or an event or anything else. There are no boundaries for the reasons for which a person gets inspired. The inspirations can be in different forms right from weight loss (which is common with many people) to a life changing decision.

The best part comes when somebody else is inspired by the deeds that you have done. This happened with me multiple times, though they were really small changes in somebody’s life. Recent one would be Prabhakar, Satya and Ramya getting inspired by reading my blog and start their own blog to write down their everyday musings.

Actually its been quite sometime that I had actually written something and I wanted to have Ramya’s and Satya’s blog links in my blog and hence this is the post for it 🙂