Happy Independence Day to all Indians

Yesterday, we all Indians have celebrated our 64th birthday Independence Day (or 63 years of Independent India). It’s always nice and proud to be free. India had to pay a huge cost to get its Independence. I have always pondered thinking if we really have our freedom even after 63 years. There are so many vices that have ruled us from which we need freedom today.

Corruption: I would rank this as top virus which is plaguing the development of Independent India. This has been made as part & parcel of their duties by politicians & bureaucrats. Not only politicians, this has been accepted, practiced and taken for granted by average person to bribe officials for completing their task. The latest CWG fiasco has shown that how people and system is ready to put national pride at stake for their profits.

Divide & Gain: Not every person boasts himself as an Indian first. The divisions in the society has grown so wide, that even 64 years ago it is very tough to get people think that everyone is equal and we all are Indians. In all these years none of the governments were successful in introducing policies which could bridge the gap between rich & the poor. We are still classified in different way right from Region, State, District, Religion, Caste, Language, Sex etc and fight with each other debating about minority/majority. In this modern era there are people who treat people inhumanly just because they are not speaking or using their local/regional language.

Illiteracy: This is something on which I would debate supporting politicians rather than the common man. With a population more than a billion, it is always difficult to manage our human resources better to progress. Government has taken some measures, though not enough, to create channels to get vocational training to everyone. May be we can learn something from our arch rival China in this regard.

Attitude: India’s biggest problem is the attitude with which we people look at the problems. We have a “Chalta Hai” attitude. We take things for granted as if these vices are supposed to be there for a reason. We always wait for someone else to take a step. We always think “Why should I”, we can go forward when we start thinking “Why shouldn’t I”.

I have taken a resolution today to get freedom from two of my own vices: Freedom from Laziness & Freedom from my Volatile mindset.


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