Why can’t we enjoy Present

Recently at the tea my colleagues and I had a discussion about our previous organizations being better than the current one. Right from school days I always felt that the previous school was good, when reached college I started missing the school life as kids, When I joined my first job I felt I was stuck in a job and missing my college life and friends, When I changed my job I felt the previous organization was better than the current one, When I left India for Singapore now I feel that India is the best place to live.

I don’t know why but we always miss our past and not enjoy the present. I guess there is a fine line between remembering your past & wasting your present. But most of us are what we are because of the decisions we made on our own. I read a quote some where which said “Why cry for the things which have not happened instead just laugh for things which have happened.”

I am not sure if I can say this but there are people who are in a much worse situation than what we are today and they are still surviving and managing to enjoy their lives. So when they can survive fighting to live and still have a great time where ever they are, why not we.

Finally I feel that the best way to enjoy our life is to live it as our last day on earth. Life has always been what we make it. Lets consider each moment as precious & make them unforgettable.


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