How difficult is to follow our dream?

There were so many days when I had this debate and argument with my friends. What are we aspiring for or what is our dream or what are we chasing in today’s competitive world? Most of the time people were confused. They were not sure why they have joined a course or doing a particular job even though they cannot enjoy doing it (Including me).

People have done their Engineering or MBA or Medicine even though they had interest in something else. This was the result of the peer pressure & family pressure. In Indian families people decide what their kids want to become the moment they are born (Same as what Madhavan faces in 3 Idiots). Our parents normally show a cousin of ours who is successful in some field and want us to pursue the same profession or do the same degree.

When compared to good old days when people used to follow their father’s profession blindly,  now a days parents are giving a choice to their children to decide as what to do. But I still feel that parents are scared to think beyond Engineering or Medicine. Not everybody can become a doctor, engineer or CA

In India people should start thinking of making their hobby which they really love as their profession. This is very common in the western worlds where people are ready and can dare to follow their dreams. We should understand that everyone has a different set of hobbies and their intellectual capacity vary depending on each individual. Some people have their left side of brain more polished than their right ones.

Everyone wants to earn money and hence they try choosing a profession which gives them lot of money. This shouldn’t be the way we should think. Money has become so much important for us in life for different reasons on which we do not have control, but at the same time we should be aware that we forget to enjoy the precious moments of  life. I think that is why we always long for US education and working there. 1 in 100 would actually join the course that they love, but most of them just do it because they have to.

So how difficult is to pursue our dream? Life isn’t a fairy tale for every body. We have seen many people in our life who were able to follow their dreams rather than getting stuck with life doing something which they don’t like. We can think of working for few years in a lucrative job, earn enough and they go for what we love to do. As I said, life is not a fairy tale to everyone and If we are not lucky enough, then we can get stuck in the same job which is absolutely a wrong fit for us only to suffer everyday. In those cases we can only compromise. Again not all stories have a happy ending.

The whole definition and goal of education has been changed in past few years. The goal of education is to  make good citizens, but it is now seen as a premise to a good job, huge salary & a comfortable life. As Baba Ranchhoddas has said in 3 Idiots,  “Chase excellence & success will follow you itself”. Hope we understand that life is not just about money but passion. So live your passion & follow you dreams.



  1. It is difficult to follow dreams, that is why we choose to dream, because it is easier to dream.

    A likewise example is ‘choosing between being upset and staying calm in a stressfull situation’. Getting upset is easier hence majority of them get upset, very few stay calm.

    Just my humbe thoughts.

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