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September 14, 2010

A Day without Google

Where is this country? What does this word mean? Please translate this for me. When is the next holiday? Where to eat? Where to sleep? Where to buy?

Where? When? What? Which? How? there are so many questions for which we need answers. The solution has always been Google has now become a synonym for search. People now a days do not say search for it, they say Google it. Thats the impact it has on our lives. Google now provides unparalleled Internet search where we can get information about anything and everything. You name an internet service and Google is offering it.

Today I was just thinking about the applications developed by google that I use in my everyday life. Below are some:

Google search
Google Chrome
Google Earth
Google Maps
Google Mail (gmail)
Google Picasa Web Albums
Google Talk (gtalk)
Google Wave
Google Toolbar
Google Docs
Google Calendar
Google News
Google Reader
Google Groups

Huh and the list goes on and on and on. So I was imagining a day without google.

I was scared and frightened to even think about it. My day starts with checking mails and messages from friends and family. Everyday I chat with many of my friends through Gtalk. I blog using blogger to share my thoughts with my friends. These are only some examples which I am talking about. Hope there would be one day or some day when I can live my life without google.

September 9, 2010

Russell Peters .. How True

When I came to Singapore in 2007, I moved into Mahesh’s room. He asked me to see a comedy video of some Canadian born Indian by name Russell Peters. Ever since I saw that video I have become such a huge fan of Rusell and his Comedy style. As of today in my friends group, when ever we feel a little low, we see one of the many videos of Russell that we downloaded.

As a fan of Russell, we friends normally try imitating him in many ways in our daily life. We also try comparing the cultural resemblance that asians have with respect to what we saw in his shows. Yesterday one of those similar events happened which made me write about this post.

In one of the show Russell explains how Indians and Chinese cannot do business with each other. The same thing happened last night with us when we were looking for a taxi at Clarke Quay.

A Chinese guy who owns a van which could fit 10 people came to our group and asked if we were interested in taking his van.

Chinese Guy: Hello, You want Van for your group.
I: No thats ok.

Chinese Guy: You take 2 taxi and pay 50 dollar, you pay 50 dollar and come in my van
I: OK. Then give me a good deal.

Chinese guy speaks to his friend who is the actual driver and the says

Chinese Guy: You seem to be a good man. I give you a good deal. 49.90

Everyone in the group remembered the same scene from Russell show where a Indian goes to chinese shop to buy a bag and Chinese shop owner would’nt give a discount of more than 50 cents.

I: OK tell me what you can get me in 10 cent without hesitating for a moment.

And to all of our surprise he came up with an answer.

Chinese Guy: Give me 10 cent I can get you a mint.

Ha ha Russell, how true and well said.

Chinese and Indians can do business together but cannot do it with each other. Chinese do not give a bargain and Indians do not leave a bargain.

September 8, 2010

Photo Blog

I recently joined Indiblogger to learn more about blogging in the company of many professional bloggers. While going through the blogs, I came across some blogs which were so active that they had content for everyday. I took a while to think if I can be so active on the blog and if I can really contribute something everyday. Then I realised that I have done some reasonable work with my camera and why can’t I show the world through my pictures taken by me in my trips. And the result is

See the World Thru my Lens:

Please do comment on my work and give me more suggestions so that I can improve more and more.

September 8, 2010

8 9 10

Today I got a mail giving the details about yet another stupid trivia about the calendar dates.

Today is 8th September 2010 which is 8 / 9 / 10 .. It seems that this comes once in 100 years.

September 8, 2010

I don’t know what to say

I am right now working under such funny managers, who have no clue how to work and how to make things work.

Manager1: Sends 11 meeting requests in the first hour of the day and still do not have an agenda for it

Manager2: Cribs for half an hour of time, while the resource helped for hours when the project was critical

Manager3: Has no clue whats going on and still arranges status meetings which is nothing but waste of time

Manager4: Doesn’t trust anyone and does micro management

Huh, hopefully I wouldn’t face such managers in my next companies.