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October 30, 2010

India 87th on corruption list

There was hell of a things that went wrong during the common wealth games. At the India has pulled of one of the best CW games that the world has seen. Even though there is so much of good work being discussed about the CWG, at the same time the corruption and the mismanagement of the accounts has left a scar on India.

From the last weeks results about the transparency around the world has shown that India has dropped 3 places to 87 when compared to 84 last year. Will we be ever improving it towards the least corrupted nation is the question that would have been bothering many Indians.

Now there is something which I like about Singapore. It is third best country in the corrupted countries list. Hope India would reach a better ranking next year.

October 30, 2010

Miss US crowned Miss World 2010

I was going through my tweets before hitting the bed. I saw this headline in the NDTV Movies – Miss US crowned Miss World 2010. Then the immediate next reaction of mine was .. what about India .. what did the India beauty do?

I read further down in the article and was totally disappointed to know that Miss India World did not even qualify into the top 25. The last decade was awesome for beauty in India. We have won Miss World 4 times, Miss Universe 2 times and Miss Asia Pacific once. In this decade India did not win any of these beauty contests.

Whats happening? Is India loosing its lustre

October 19, 2010

CWG 2010

14th October 2010 was the day when 19th Commonwealth games in Delhi came to an end. The closing ceremony was spectacular with events featuring school children, stars from film industry, military service men, tribes from all over India and the most important people, the volunteers. It was a huge celebration time for everyone in India. It was indeed a feast for the eyes and ears, with a full of color and endless fireworks and music which showed India at its best. The best of all was the school children dancing to the music of the Indian National Song, Vande Matram and the Laser show. At the end of the closing ceremony, the Commonwealth Games Federation’s flag was officially handed over to representatives of 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Exactly 30 days back, who would have thought that these games would be a huge success. Amidst of chaos, confusion and controversies the whole WORLD was bowled over right from the opening ceremony till the closing cermony. Media all over the world was showing all the possible negative aspects about the games, right from bathroom stains to the bridge collapse. After lots of negative publicity for the games with the help of our military and hundreds of volunteers, India was able to make them all wrong and gave one of the best CW games people have ever witnessed.

On 3rd of October, 2010 at the Indian Capital New Delhi the opening ceremony unfolded without any hitch or glitch. The nineteenth Commonwealth Games got off to an inspiring and magnificent start. It was a brilliant show for more than two hours at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. The ceremony was beautifully portrayed and have showcased India’s ability to host games of much larger scale (Olympics).

It was like a rollercoaster ride for India. 12 Days Sporting Activities after a spectacular opening, every body was now looking at all the Indian athletes with high hopes to get more medals than ever. At the end, India have won 38 golds which is one more than England and stood at 2nd rank. India took part in all the 17 games which were being competed for and have won one more than a century of medals. Below is the final Medal Tally

The games which started off with booing of Kalmadi, ended with cheers all over the ground as Kalmadi was giving his vote of thanks. Over all after the games everyone was proud of India for keeping the games and respect for India alive.