4 more days to go

Yes, yet another post with a countdown and this time it is for the prestigious and long awaited Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. It was in July that I got a mail in my inbox for the registration. I, Amar & Nagaraj discussed about this and finally decided on going for half marathon keeping 5 months of practice in mind.

Time flew and none of us trained for running. Blame the hectic office work on personal travels or lazyness, but finally none of us has trained is the fact. Recently keeping this run in mind, we joined the gym and thought of training rigorously as we had just one month of time.

I started training from October 19 and trained for 3 weeks. As you know nothing goes as planned and I had to go to India for 2 weeks for my cousins marriages. This brought brakes to my training and I stopped running and again put on weight. I reach Singapore on 22nd of November and started training yet again from 24th of November.

Till date I ran for 4 days as part of my training and right now the timing is 10KM in 70Mins. Below are my targets for the race.

  • Firstly to finish it
  • If I am able to finish then finish it with in 3 hours
  • If I am feeling good during the race with out any fatigue then finish it in 2 and half hours

Wish me luck.


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