Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2010

I have been hearing for 4 years now about the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2010 which is considered as the mother of all marathons in Singapore.

The race was on 5th December 2010 in different categories:

Full Marathon – 42.195km
Half Marathon – 21.1km
10km Run

Kids Dash
Between 10-13 Years Old
Between 7-9 Years Old
Between 4-6 Years Old
3 Years and below

Ekiden – 42.195km (Each team must consist of 6 participants)

One fine morning in July’10, Amar inspired (may be motivated .. hmmm may be forced) us to register. Now the question was to which category do we fit into. We felt 10K would be very less for our fitness levels (Yeah we did think that way) and 42 would definitely out of our league. So we registered for the Half Marathon.

Half Marathon Race route started from Sentosa and ended at Padang

We felt we had enough time to get geared up and trained for the run. The time flies and by the time we realised it was October last week. We did train for 10 days and at the end of November for 4 days. We were sure at this point of time that we would finish the race and lets not concentrate on the time. It was definite that if we were able to finish this race then we can achieve Marathoner status. The longest distance I trained for was 10 km and I really hoped that I can handle the distance and finish the race.

You can search for me using this number in SC SG Marathon results website

Encouraging the fellow runners

The D-Day has come and a record-breaking number of 60,000+ runners were ready to flag-off from three different start lines:
Orchard Road (Full Marathon) – Start at 5.30AM
Sentosa (Half Marathon) – Start at 6.30AM
Esplanade Bridge (10km) – Start at 7.45AM

The race start time was so well planned so that the winners of each category would reach the finish line together. The start points were also very well planned. There was lot of excitement in the air. Orchard Road was glittering with the Christmas Lighting and Universal Studios stood tall for the racers starting from Sentosa. There were lot of volunteers who registered for cheering and take snaps and give handshakes and loads of encouragement.

I, Amar & Nagaraj woke up early at 4AM and got ready for the race physically and mentally. We got the initial good wishes from Swetha, Mahesh & Santosh. We took a taxi and got down near Vivo City but a little far from Start Line as most of the roads were closed. At the start line we could see the excitement in all the participants. Everyone was busy preparing them selves for the race by stretching their hands and legs and doing the necessary exercises. I have also observed that there was some percentage of people who came there to just take pictures in that electrifying atmosphere.

Finally the race started at 6.30AM we started our race at 6.54AM. I was very very excited. I had planned my run in such a way that I would run for 16KM out of 21 and speed walk the other 5. As I saw the 1KM mark the excitement in the crowd grew and I was still feeling fresh. The Sentosa track was a bit tough as it had ups and downs all the way for 9KM. I took advantage of all the slopes by running faster and uphills by running slower but not walking anywhere in Sentosa.

The atmosphere in Sentosa was awesome. The track was planned in such a way that we can see all the attractions of Sentosa. Staff were out and they were cheering for all of us and it felt really good. Once I touched the 9KM mark, I started walking and took my first energy gel at the 10KM mark which I reached in just 1 hour 5 mins. My confidence was very very high at this point of time. At this point the Sun came out and then the challenges were thrown in from there. The rest of the journey was a typical for Singapore race. It was hot. It was humid. Worst part of the race, it was very crowded which made people slow down at certain points.

Near the finish line

I finished the Singapore Half Marathon in 2:49:28. I felt I could have done better. Next race, I will try to beat this time.

Finishers Medal


At the end of the race we were given Finishers medal and free leg massage (Thanks to OSIM).

The main races were dominated by Kenyans. Kenneth Mburu Mungara & Irene Jerotich Koskei won the full marathon in Men & Women’s category with a time of 2:14:6 & 2:35:22 respectively.


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