Sachin vs Ponting

After Sachin has hit his 50th test century he is all over the news and internet. Where ever I go I hear about him and I see about him. He is omnipresent.

While reading some articles online, I started thinking if it (Half century of century) will be an unbreakable record? If not who else can atleast think of reaching near to this record. In todays cricket there are only two names who can atleast reach near to him. They are Ponting (with 39 centuries) and Kallis (with 38 centuries). But with current form, I don’t think Ponting would be the right name to mention here. Ponting has scored only one century in his last 36 innings. But Kallis who is very very very consistent all through his career and has completed 38 centuries, is in form now. Even though he is aged 36, there are no doubts on the continuation of Kallis in the world cricket. These days, T20 cricket is on rise and hence the new cricketers would not dare to reach this milestone even in their dreams.

Ever since Tendulkar made his debut, he has been compared with many of his contemporaries. In 80s he was first compared to Brian Lara and Inzamam-ul-Haq. Later he was compared with Mark Waugh and Saeed Anwar when they were at their best. However, what didn’t change was the comparison between Sachin and others. The comparison always revolved around Sachin Tendulkar.

It was in late nineties and early 2000s, a young kid from Australia impressed everyone with his tremendous form almost threatened to break all the records in test cricket. As we know during the same phase Tendulkar started to struggle through his form, mainly due to the injury (Tennis Elbow). The slump in Tendulkar’s form and Ponting’s incredible form almost put the Australian over the top of all the batsmen played during that time.

Since then Tendulkar and Ponting has always been compared. I thought I shall do some comparisons between them using the stats guru of Cricinfo.

The fans and experts debated that Ponting (1995-current) scored many runs in lesser matches than Tendulkar (1989-current) .  Stats reveal a different story. Tendulkar played just 38 test matches in first 6 years of his career before Ponting made his debut.

Sachin still played 14 tests lesser than Ponting since his debut, Tendulkar still scored 3 centuries more him. The same period has also seen Tendulkar’s three worst years (2003-2006)

Tendulkar vs Ponting – Over all Test Record

Tests Runs HS Average 100
Sachin Tendulkar 175 14509 248* 56.89 50
Ricky Ponting 151 12333 257 53.85 39

Tendulkar vs Ponting – Since Ponting’s Debut

Tests Runs HS Average 100
Sachin Tendulkar 137 12026 248* 58.09 42
Ricky Ponting 151 12333 257 53.85 39

Both have shown their authority everywhere. In Away matches, which includes the neutral venues, Tendulkar has a better average than Ponting’s and the difference is of more than +10 which is again in favor of Tendulkar.

Despite Australia being Ponting’s den, Tendulkar’s average in Australia is slightly better than Ponting’s. The vice-versa for the same is different for Ponting. He averages just above 26 with only one century that came during the last tour of India. Tendulkar has decent average of 53.68 at home (decent with his own standard).

Away (Including Neutral Venues) – Since Ponting’s Debut

Tests Runs HS Average 100
Sachin Tendulkar 72 6558 248* 60.72 23
Ricky Ponting 69 5460 206 49.18 18

In Australia– Since Ponting’s Debut

Tests Runs HS Average 100
Sachin Tendulkar 11 1154 241* 64.11 4
Ricky Ponting 82 6873 257 58.24 21

In India– Since Ponting’s Debut

Tests Runs HS Average 100
Sachin Tendulkar 65 5468 217 55.23 19
Ricky Ponting 14 662 123 26.48 1

The above stats already shows how Tendulkar looks more comfortable in playing both on hard tracks of Australia and as well as the dusty tracks of India. If we further compare both the batsman on neutral tracks like England and South Africa, then Tendulkar edges Ponting in seaming tracks of England where as Ponting edges in hard tracks of South Africa.

Tendulkar has +21 average when it is compared with Ponting’s average in seaming condition of England. Ponting’s supporters have some reason to smile with his performance in South Africa when it is compared with Tendulkar. Ponting on South African pitches which are quite similar to Australian pitches edges Tendulkar by +6 in terms of average. Tendulkar has a chance to better his record against Ponting and as well against South Africa this winter.

In England– Since Ponting’s Debut

Tests Runs HS Average 100
Sachin Tendulkar 10 1057 193 62.17 3
Ricky Ponting 20 1421 156 41.79 4

In South Africa– Since Ponting’s Debut

Tests Runs HS Average 100
Sachin Tendulkar 9 776 169 48.50 3
Ricky Ponting 9 867 116 54.18 3

In ODIs it would be very unfair to compare any modern day batsman with Sachin Tendulkar. When it comes to ODIs, Tendulkar outscores Ponting by miles in all the departments which ever we compare. Sachin is the first to reach milestones of 10k, 11k, 12k, 13k, 14k, 15k, 16k, 17k and soon will touch 18k as well.

As Lara praised, Tendulkar without any doubt is the Bradman of One Day Internationals who is ahead by 17 centuries and 4516 runs, Tendulkar has a better average as well as the strike rate against Ponting. He is the first and the only man to score 200 runs in ODI match and that to at the age of 37. Tendulkar is ahead of all the contemporary players of World cricket in the limited over cricket.

Tendulkar vs Ponting – Over all ODI Record

ODI Runs HS Average 100 50 St.Rate
Sachin Tendulkar 442 17598 200* 45.12 46 93 86.26
Ricky Ponting 352 13082 160 42.75 29 79 80.62

Since Ponting’s Debut, Tendulkar has played same number of games as Ponting. But Tendulkar has scored 1748 runs more than Ponting, with an average difference of +5 against Ponting’s overall and strike rate again with a difference of +7 and with the century difference of 14. So for those who always thought that Tendulkar lost aggression in the later part of his career or Ponting being more aggressive among the two has come out just an assumptions by many experts. In those matches which are played away from home (including the neutral venues), Tendulkar tops Ponting in each department.

Tendulkar vs Ponting – Since Ponting’s Debut

ODI Runs HS Average 100 50 St.Rate
Sachin Tendulkar 352 14830 200* 47.38 43 72 87.68
Ricky Ponting 352 13082 160 42.75 29 79 80.62

Away (Including the Neutral Venues) – Since Ponting’s Debut

ODI Runs HS Average 100 50 St.Rate
Sachin Tendulkar 233 9405 163* 45.65 27 45 86.80
Ricky Ponting 204 7694 160 44.47 16 47 81.10

Note: The below world cup stats have been taken from other blogs as I was not able to search them in stats guru.

There is a myth among fans that Ponting has been a great player in the finals or big events like ICC events. Ponting do have the back up of 3 World Cup wins with him but his contribution of 140*against the Indians in 2003 world cup final was one rare inning he played when his team needed the most. His awful average of 38.42 in the finals of all the battles he played tells his true story in the finals.

The difference between Ponting’s and Tendulkar’s average is whooping 23 which results in favor of Tendulkar. Tendulkar has the world record of scoring 6 hundreds in Finals and the unique thing about those hundreds is that all his hundreds have come for the winning cause. Even in the preliminary matches also, Tendulkar leads the chart and if the ICC events are to be considered then also there is no match to Tendulkar. Tendulkar’s average always remained better than his career average so as his strike rate in all the tables related to ODI.

In Ponting’s case, it highly fluctuates , he betters in some(marginally) and in the rest it remains below his career record.The myth which is hyped by many of considering Ponting putting Australia into the finals and winning it by his great batting performance is just an assumption on the basis of his 140* in the World Cup 2003. It was his team combination and other players who outscored Ponting in almost all the finals and so as well in big events like ICC tournaments and preliminary stages as well.

Tendulkar vs Ponting – In ICC Events

ODI Runs HS Average 100 50 St.Rate
Sachin Tendulkar 44 1954 152 52.81 5 11 86.80
Ricky Ponting 57 2130 140* 45.31 5 10 79.74

Tendulkar vs Ponting – In Preliminary Matches

ODI Runs HS Average 100 50 St.Rate
Sachin Tendulkar 155 6762 152 49.00 23 31 87.51
Ricky Ponting 170 6192 145 42.41 14 38 78.35

Tendulkar vs Ponting – In Finals

ODI Runs HS Average 100 50 St.Rate
Sachin Tendulkar 31 1589 138 61.11 6 7 89.42
Ricky Ponting 41 1345 140* 38.42 2 7 82.21

Ponting always had a luxury of playing with world class bowlers like McGrath, Gillespie, Lee and Warne. With them he had an amazing form, both as captain and batsman. But since their retirement in 2007(Mcgrath and Warne), Ponting’s own form without a doubt remains a major concern for the team Australia. Ever since the legends retirement, Ponting average in last 3 years remained in the early 40′s. His ability to score 100′s which used to be quite high, has changed to modest scores. Though he still dominated the limited over format but he couldn’t overtake Tendulkar in any of the forms in the last three years. Tendulkar has dominated both forms of the game in last 3 years better than any batsman in this period. Here is a better look on both the batsmen, how they faired in the last 3 years

Tendulkar vs Ponting – Stats since 8th Jan 2007 (TEST)

ODI Runs HS Average 100
Sachin Tendulkar 40 3841 214 64.01 15
Ricky Ponting 41 2965 209 41.76 6

Tendulkar vs Ponting – Stats since 8th Jan 2007 (ODI)

ODI Runs HS Average 100 50 St.Rate
Sachin Tendulkar 68 3061 200* 51.01 6 19 90.10
Ricky Ponting 91 3671 134* 45.88 9 24 84.37

Now you guys decide who is the true champion. This is my tribute to the GOD.


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  1. Really a good comparison has been shown. There is no doubt that sachin is sachin. No one is stood with him in the modern cricket. Even he is a great player, but still he is very much down to earth.

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