Who’s Hawt – Sheela or Munni?

For years now we knew Malaika Arora Khan as the best item girl in Bollywood. She has done many item songs right from Chaiyya Chaiyya from Dil Se to Mahi Ve in Kaante  then Kaal Kaal with Sharukh in Kaal to Honth Rasiley from Welcome. The latest blockbuster hit in her kitty is the item song from movie Dabangg – Munni Badnaam Hui.

These days bollywood is abuzz with comparison between who is the hottest item girl in 2010 with none other than Katrina Kaif coming into the competition with her only item dance number ‘sheela is jawani’ in Tees Maar Khan.

The discussion has been so wide spread that communities in the name of Munni and Sheela has been started in Facebook where Sheela has pipped off munni with great difference. There has been lot of discussion that took place on twitter about the same. Even in YouTube Katrina Kaif’s video has been hit more than 1.3 million times where as Munni’s video is clicked for less than half a million.

I have found the below photo online which gave a reasonable comparison between sheela ki jawani and munni badnaam hui. As Katrina is my favorite, I would also vote for Sheela ki Jawani to be better than Munni Badnaam Hui


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