It’s A Wonderful Life

It was just a regular evening, I went home and was feeling low because of the office work which was not moving forward. At the same time I was hosting my German friends at my place. They felt that something was wrong and asked me if we can go out and do something interesting to pep up my mood. As I was not in a mood to go out, I asked them if they wish to watch an old movie which is my all time favorite. Then started a journey of introspection into my soul and mind which made me feel better.

I have been watching hundreds of movies all these years and NO movie has ever influenced me more than this classic. I think there is no other film which would make people think how wonderful their life is and how the world would be if we were not there. It makes us feel important and inspires us a lot. This movie shows the value of a single person and what he or she can contribute to the world with out their knowledge.

Everything about this film can be said in one word – Perfect. I am sure the actor would have boasted this to be his best performance of lifetime. Its not just the materialistic performance I am talking about, but the character that he played and the message that character delivers is simple superb. The protagonist in the movie makes you think deeply giving little hope for mankind and faith in god. I loved the directors angle of showing the angel as a common man giving the comic touch of not having the wings.

I always believed that there is a reason for everything in the world to happen. In the same way, I am definite that there is a magical reason for why this film was made. What can I say? This movie is a life changing experience. It will make you feel good to be alive and you will never feel that you have wasted your time waiting for something.

Finally I would say that when ever you are sad or low or depressed, then either watch this movie or think about the message that this movie delivers, I can bet you will start feeling great. At the end of the movie I started feeling good. I felt that I should have more fun in life and do all crazy things which I like.

“It’s A Wonderful Life” is a wonderful movie.


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