IPL 2011 Auction: No takers for Sourav Ganguly

Today was a busy day for many Indians checking the websites and watching news to check who is worth what and who is bought by whom and who is hit and who is miss .. Everyone was eager to know what’s happening in IPL auction 2011. I was no different and was following closely the same on Cricinfo.

I have seen players like Gambhir, Pathan, Rohit and Robin going for some exorbitant figures which common man cannot even understand. At the same time I have seen some one like Saurabh Tiwary going for more than one and half million which was a surprise for me and made me think if he was really worth it. I have also seen players like Lara, Gayle, Gibbs, Boucher etc going unsold in the auction.

Out of all this extravaganza, one thing that caught my eye was, there were no takers for Ganguly. I felt really bad for the guy who undoubtedly has been best captain for India. He was the one who has shown the world that Indian team can be aggressive, intuitive and would never compromise. When compared to his predecessors he was unconventional and unusual. The bare-chested Ganguly stunt on the Lord’s balcony showed his guts to the world. Ganguly has always been known for his fighting spirit on and off the field.

Ganguly has reigned the rankings and stats all through his career. But his final showdown was a bit forgettable. He would have definitely deserved a better farewell from the international cricket. Something similar seems to be happening for him here at the IPL. There are no takers for him and he seems to be loosing his self esteem because of the same.

In my view he should call quits to the game and get into cricket administration like coaching or commentary. Kumble has taken wise decision for this IPL season once he was not retained by Bangalore Royal Challengers. I guess Ganguly should also do something similar.

Finally, I did not understand what the KKR think tanks were thinking about not retaining Ganguly. I am sure it will lose its craze in public and would hurt the sentiments of the local crowd. The franchise should see ways to get the home crowd to the ground to watch the matches with out their local hero Ganguly.


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