No One Killed Jessica

I was never too keen in any news or current affairs. Since childhood other than the news about sports, I never cared what happened in India and around the world. But definitely there were some news which get such a hype and visibility that even if you want to avoid you cannot and one such news was Jessica Lal’s murder. I have heard the name Jessica Lal for years on the television. Even then I didn’t really had an idea as what has really happened.

When I saw the promos of NOKJ, I thought before I see the movie, I should know the facts. I relied on my favorite site yet again for the information. While I reading through the story I heart was touched and I came know how and why people around India have reacted so much about the incident. I was totally shocked to see how the political system won over the judicial system when the case was a clear open and shut case. At the same time I am also happy that the media came for the rescue in this case whom we blame of exploiting the situations for sensationalize the news items.

Today I and my friends saw the movie NOKJ and were totally impressed with the director’s sincere attempt to show the truth. He has done a great job in bringing the most sensational and controversial case in India on to screen keeping all the facts intact. The film starts with the song Dilli which was really nice and it has set the pace for the movie. Director and the actors were successful in showing how unity can bring about a change. I have heard some negative remarks about the movie’s coarse language, but I guess thats quite common in the current society and I am sure no offense was intended.

I would rate this 3.5 out of 5 and is definitely a one time watch.


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