Happy Birthday Swetha

I have been trying to make occasions more surprising and interesting for Swetha. The same attempt was again successful for her birthday today. Swetha was working in the night shift today and the plan was that I and my friends would go to her office, call her downstairs and cut the cake.

As you know nothing goes as planned. Swetha wanted to stay at home until after 12 and then leave for office. I then made a fake call and then called my friends to come over to my place. As the time approached Swetha was eager that I would do something but she wasn’t sure what it could be. She waited until 11:50 and nothing happened. I asked her to get ready for office as it was almost 12.

She was now sure that nothing was planned. She got ready and at 12 the door bell rang. I went and opened the door and my friends rushed in and wished Swetha. She was surprised and was happy to see the way it was planned. Now before you guys start thinking about the gift, I haven’t given anything :).


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