Drink Down the Beer Memory Lane

It was day before the Christmas of 2010, I and my friends went to Orchard road to see the lighting and how the roads and buildngs were decorated. After getting tired of walking along the road, we decided to hit a bar and sit for some time. While we were having the food and the drinks, I got an idea to list down the Beers that I have tasted till date. I asked my friends if they can name some and I can recollect if I have already tasted that. I hope I have got all the names possible and if I have missed any or will taste new ones I shall add to the list.

Tiger, Erdinger, Guiness, Heineken, Sol, Foster, Hoegaarden, Asahi, Stella Artois, Singha, Corona, Carlsberg, Budweiser, Kingfisher, Royal Challenge, Chang, Anchor, Franziskaner, Haywards, Kirin, Zingaro, Sanmiguel, Sandpiper, Pure Blonde, Harrys

To my surprise the count came to 25 beers. 3 and half years back when I first came to Singapore, I just tried King Fisher beer and in last 3 and half years here in Singapore I have reach the 25 and going good for 50.

My First Beer – King Fisher

My Latest Beer – Kirin Beer

My Most regular beer – Heineken

My Favorite Beer – Erdinger till date


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