What happened in last one month?

– Parents came to Singapore (Travelled around Singapore, Travelled to Malaysia and Indonesia)
I will write more on this in future posts. I had a great time with mom dad and definitely missed my bro who was supposed to join us. It was like a total culture change for me and Swetha as the activities in absence of parents is totally different to what we did in presence of my parents. This change has come has a welcome and was very refreshing from the routine that we have adopted. Not only to us but also to mom & dad it is a very new experience as they have done many things which they have not done in all these years of their life.

– Cricket World Cup 2011 has started with a bang
The much awaited and anticipated world cup has started and started with an entertaining and high scoring match between India & Bangladesh, the host nations. This time world cup has been very entertaining with high scoring, low scoring, close and one-sided matches. It had all the flavors of the game. With just half the way through there are already many records broken and I am hoping for more and more. I wish India all the best and good luck to other competitors.

– Annual Appraisal
This is the best and worst appraisal I had in my career. Best because I have been told about all the good work I have done and heard all the good comments about my attitude and commitment towards the work. I am sure this is what everyone at every appraisal would hear. Anyways after all this good talk when the month end came and it was salary time, I was told that there is no hike and no bonus for this year. That was totally disappointing but good for me in one aspect. This has ignited a reason for me to start preparing and leave the company ASAP.

– Anniversary & Birthday
February 14th, Valentines day and it was my second marriage anniversary. I & Swetha were very happy as we spent quality time with mom & dad. March 4th, my birthday was also total fun with all the friends coming home and my parents presence has added flavor to it.

Other than this there has been lot of parties and weekend outings and not to mention lot of work.


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