Million March – What have they acheived?

I am not that good in keeping myself updated with the current affairs. But yesterday was a forgettable day and I had to follow the news all day to see how the stupid (million) march is going on? Firstly, I do not understand why people need a separate state for Telangana. Hence people may say that I do not know the Telangana sentiment, but how many people in the million actually understand the true benefits of separate telangana to the people of the region.

After following the news for the whole day, now I am totally against getting the separate state of telangana. The row of incidents that happened yesterday would only show the immaturity and disorganised state of mind of the agitators. These incidents have hurt me bad as a beautiful and peaceful place like Hyderabad is being ruined by its own people rather than saving it and prospering in the right direction.

Police have done their best to stop the people in gathering in large numbers, but at last there is a limit to everything and everyone. They have also succeeded in arresting the politicians who against the wish and permission of the government has started this rally. As always the college students have joined the agitation and have done the whole damage. In disguise of these students many people have taken advantage of the situation. Once the police have locked the college doors at OU and Potti Sriramulu college, they were offended and have started a battle against the police forcing them to use the tear gas and stun grenades.

One of the student have consumed poison for the reason of not getting the separate state. Does this act actually do any good to the cause why they are fighting. By this act he has not done any good to the state nor to his family. It’s just utter waste and an act of stupidity. This is not the way a battle is fought.

One more incident which shocked me was the demolition of the statues on tank bund. This is an act of atrocity. This was definitely not an emotional incident but a planned one as people have come there with hammers and nylon ropes. What have they achieved rather than spoiling the beauty of the city.

I have seen a news item which said that police have failed to hear the voices of hinting plot to demolish the statues. A journalist and many others around at Osmania University have heard this and what have they done? The same journalist has penned down an article blaming the incapability of the police intelligence to anticipate this. As a citizen of Hyderabad, the normal people should have acted responsibly and should have done something to stop this unforgivable act.

As always any where any thing that happens would affect the common man’s daily life. Due to this bandh people were not able to do their daily activities. By doing such agitations they are not only spoiling the name of the city but also are scaring the people of the state by their stupid acts. Hope there will be an awakening in the narrow minds of these agitators and politicians. We cannot blame politicians and government for everything. People should feel responsible and act accordingly.


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