Sachin Centuries where India Lost

Sachin has hit his 48th ODI hundred yesterday and India has lost the match. Tonight I would like to look into all those matches which we lost and want to bash the Sachin bashers who do not consider Sachin as the world’s best ODI batsmen.

India vs Pakistan

In this match India batting first scored 226/8 and Sachin scored 100(111) out of that. The next best score was 41(56). In the bowling department, Venkatapathi Raju gave away 51 runs in 5 overs and Prasad conceded 45 from 7 overs.

India vs Sri Lanka

In this match India batting first scored 271/3 and Sachin scored 137(137) out of that. The next best score was 72(80). Manoj Prabhakar opened the innings with Sachin and scored 7(35). In the bowling department, Manoj Prabhakar gave away 47 runs in 4 overs and Sachin conceded just 41 from 10 overs which was the second best performance on that day.

India vs Sri Lanka

In this match India batting first scored 226/5 and Sachin scored 110(138) out of that. The next best score was 58(99). Ganguly scored 16(41). In the bowling department, Prasad gave away 47 runs in 6 overs and Sachin conceded just 29 from 6 overs picking the only wicket of Sri Lanka.

Australia vs India

In this match Australia batted first and scored 284/7. Harbhajan gave 63 from 8 overs while Sachin bowled a tidy spell of 27 from 5 overs picking one wicket. India batting second scored 250/5 and Sachin scored 143(131) out of that. The next best score was 35(46). Requiring 34 runs to win from 18 balls when Sachin got out, India scored just 8 runs in those 18 balls.

India vs Sri Lanka

India batting first scored 224/8 and Sachin scored 101(140) out of that. The next best score was 35(61). In bowling Sachin also played a cameo by bowling a short spell of 5 overs conceding just 22 while other bowlers economy rate was more.

India vs South Africa

India batting first scored 279/5 and Sachin scored 101(129) out of that. Ganguly scored 127(126). In bowling Sachin was economical by giving 51 from 9 overs.

India vs Zimbabwe

India batting first scored 283/8 and Sachin scored 146(153) out of that. Next best score was by Zaheer Khan for 9th wicket 32(11). In bowling Sachin took a wicket and gave 35 runs in 6 overs.

India vs Pakistan

India batting first scored 315/6 and Sachin scored 123(130) out of that. Next best score is 47(64). In bowling Nehra, Balaji & Zaheer bowled at 8.33, 7.28 & 6.2 respectively while Sachin took a wicket bowling 6 overs and giving 6 per over.

India vs Pakistan

Pakistan batted first and scored 329/6. Zaheer was costly giving away 10.28, while Sehwag & Balaji bowling at economy rate of 7.8. Sachin was also costly giving away 45 from 6 overs. India batting second scored 317 all out and Sachin scored 141(135) out of that. The next best score was 37 extras.

India vs West Indies

India batting first scored 309/5 and Sachin scored 141(148) out of that. Next best score is 64(68).I don’t want to comment anything on bowling as we lost because of the D/L.

India vs Pakistan

India batting first scored 328 all out and Sachin scored 100(113) out of that. Next best score is 68(53). Other than Irfan Pathan everyone else gave away many runs with economy rate sky rocketing.

India vs South Africa

India batting first scored 296 all out and Sachin scored 111(101) out of that. Next best score is 73(66). In bowling Munaf gave runs at 6.5 and Nehra bowled at 7.5 economy rate.

Next time before you comment on Sachin’s commitment or ability to handle pressure, I want everyone to go through these wonderful stats and rethink on their comments.

UPDATE – Thanks to all my readers as they have pointed out that I have missed the epic innings against Australia. Below is the update for the same

Australia vs India

In this match Australia batted first and scored 350/4. Other than Harbhajan & Yuvi all others gave on an average of 8 economy rate. India batting second scored 347 all out and Sachin scored 175(141) out of that. The next best score was 59(59). Requiring 19 runs to win from 17 balls when Sachin got out, India scored just 15 runs in those 18 balls and were all out.



  1. I have similar views in my post. When Sachin plays and India loses, everyone says that sachin’s game has never benefited India. The truth is that, Sachin does no get any suport from the rest of the batting lineup and India loses. So, should all other batsman be allowed to thrive on Sachin’s hard work and efforts? Every one says, ” If Sachin had not lost his wicket……..” and so on. But this is a game where he has given his best of life.
    I would like to add, India has a great batting line up. They have depth in their batting order. Well, South Africa has managed to find the bottom…

    • So if sachin scores a century & india wins, y do u guys make such a huge pomp pomp about it…ts a team game right

  2. What About the Otehr Match when Sachin MAke century…
    In 48 out of 12 India loss but in 36 India Wins..,…

    So please don’t make this type of comments for “God of Cricket..”

  3. Hi Tarun

    I am not sure if you have read through the mail properly. I have written this mentioning that this is for all those sachin bashers and not for sachin fans .. you can see my analysis shows how best Sachin has done and no where I am criticising your “God of Cricket”


  4. Hey .. I am a big fan of Sachin … its a good compilation but I guess you missed at least one century in the list .. one in which he scored 175 against AUS. I think its the greatest one day knock ever played ..

  5. Guys,
    The statistics are correct. However there are other statistics that whenever u want sachin to play that this match sachin has to contribute e.g. many finals then sachin will go cheaply. I remember many deciding matches after 1998, where we shall finish our work to watch sachin play those days sachin will show some poor performance. I don’t say others had contributed in those matches, but those matches you will at least want sachin to contribute something. So he could not be dependent that he will win the finals.
    But saying all these I still watch cricket only if sachin is on the pitch. If he gets out my time is utilized in some meaningful way. Otherwise I loose my day to sachin’s batting.

  6. Hey…….. Really a great compilation buddy. One idiot argued with me and I was looking for the statistics. Thank you so much. I love “God of Ckt”

  7. Very good reply for those who criticise the MASTER…. My suggestion is.. you could specify that sachin got the m.o.m award even ind loss…

  8. Good analysis!

    Another way of putting forth the fact for all the Sachin fans to check on is the following analysis:

    ODIs: 48 Centuries, Won 33, Lost 13, No Result 2, 27% Losing
    Tests: 51 Centuries, Won 20, Lost 11, No Results 20, 21% Losing
    Total: 99 Centuries, Won 53, Lost 24, No Results 22, 24% Losing

    24% Loss after a span of 23+ years is something just jaw dropping! And that 24% can easily defeated by those 50+ scores which he scored in India’s victory!

    As Harsha Bhogle says: To conclude, Sachin’s contribution to the game and to India, regardless of what people say, is undoubted and he has more often than not provided joy than agony to the cricket fan. The South Africa match was another instance of the legend putting up his hand and giving his all to the team while the others failed, but can Tendulkar be blamed for his teammates not performing?

    Wake up guys! Be proud of this true son of mother India (in victory and in defeat)!

  9. thank u yaar. dis is really good lesson to who criticize tendulkar. If other players forget bowling & batting, how we get win with only sachin? before the comment, criticizers must read this

  10. Hey Mr Cool,
    We are speaking about Sachin’s contribution to the team right? So let’s compare him with another Indian player, say Rahul Dravid.
    Out of 43 centuries made by Rahul Dravid (Test and ODI) India lost only 5. And out of 99 centuries made by Sachin Tendulkar (Test and ODI) India lost 24. There are lots of other examples in India and other cricket playing nations, say Mahela Jayawardene. Out of 42 centuries made by Mahela Jayawardene (Test and ODI) Srilanka lost only 4. Can you say something about it?

  11. @santhosh – Do u know that cricket is a team game not an individual …….no doubt that dravid is a match winner so as sachin……see the contribution of other players when dravid had scored centuries compared to the contribution of other players when sachin had scored centuries .

    How often does India win when Sachin scores a century?

  12. Sachin is great.he is god of cricket.we sachins fans do not care about such stupid critics.beacause we know what is the truth

  13. Nice post Palwai. The main reason behind india losing in those matches is because Sachin didn’t get proper support from the other members of the team. Its not his fault. I dunno, why people are blaming Sachin for those loses.

  14. Sachin is great player .He is God Of Cricket all over the world.No player can ever break the records of this Little Master Blaster.Cricket is a team game nat a single player game .Those who critisize about sachin are those people who had never played a Cricket.It is sad that when sachin hit a ton the team loses but it is not his fault. Some time the bowlers cannot bowl to their strength.

  15. Kindly make a note that even after scoring century sachin is not having the strike rate equal to or greater than 100 but in the case of other players they are having more… Due to the selfish game of Sachin India had lost most matches./…

  16. I have read each and every comment. What will you say on this “he took more than 365 days to score his 100th century”. And when he made the 100th century even after scoring a century his strike rate was very poor. (as mentioned in front page of Newspaper). I agree that his dedication towards cricket is immense. But is it necessary to play for the country for 20 years and than only earn the respect of others??? cant you play for few years and earn the respect?? I remember the dialogue from Chak De ” Sirf ek hi naam sunai deta hai INDIA” no body is above the country. Hence i would say that if he gets out on 90’s and still India is winning i will definately be the happiest person for win of the country rather than cry for sachin not making century. JAI HIND.

  17. i found santhosh reply as perfect one…we want match winners and not record holders…sachin is a great record holder but only because of his long career… being an opener this is not at all a record …. rahul dravid, virat kohli, yuvarj.etc are the real cricketers and match winners…if they perform india will win.that s sure …you cannot quote a game that tendulkar makes himslef an individual player…thats 175 is his perfect innings , i will agree, but whats the outcome india fails..look into sehwag performance.. if he played no doubt its victory….


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