Sachin in World Cups

“Let’s face it, Sachin has played and lost 5 world cups before this, he has to take some of the responsibility/blame for some of that, it has not always been the teams fault.”

This is the comment by one of my blog reader and this triggered me to dig in further into Sachin’s stats.

M- Matches; R – Runs; A – Average;

1992 Benson & Hedges World Cup

Martin Crowe – M-9, R-456, A-114, 100-1, 50-4
Azharuddin – M-8, R-332, A-47.42, 100-0, 50-4
Sachin – M-8, R-283, A-47.16, 100-0, 50-3

1996 Wills World Cup

Sachin – M-7, R-523, A-87.16, 100-2, 50-3
Sidhu – M-5, R-178, A-35.6, 100-0, 50-2

1999 ICC World Cup

Dravid – M-8, R-461, A-65.85, 100-2, 50-3
Ganguly – M-10, R-398, A-79.6, 100-1, 50-2
Jadeja – M-8, R-285, A-47.5, 100-1, 50-1
Sachin – M-7, R-253, A-42.16, 100-1, 50-0

2003 ICC World Cup

Sachin – M-11, R-673, A-61.18, 100-1, 50-6
Ganguly – M-11, R-465, A-58.12, 100-3, 50-0

2007 ICC World Cup

Hayden – M-11, R-659, A-73.22, 100-3, 50-1
Sehwag – M-3, R-164, A-54.66, 100-1, 50-0
Sachin – M-3, R-64, A-32, 100-0, 50-1

2011 ICC World Cup

Sehwag – M-5, R-327, A-65.4, 100-1, 50-1
Sachin – M-5, R-324, A-64.8, 100-2, 50-0

From the above stats, there is no world cup other than 2007 (where the whole team has miserably failed) where Sachin has not performed. There is no world cup (other than 2007) where Sachin has scored runs at an average less than 40.

Overall by Indians

Sachin – M-41, R-2120, A-58.88, 100-6, 50-13
Ganguly – M-21, R-1006, A-55.88, 100-4, 50-3
Dravid – M-22, R-860, A-61.42, 100-2, 50-6
Azharuddin – M-30, R-826, A-39.33, 100-0, 50-8

The above are the overall stats for Indian’s performance at World Cups. I guess Sachin has done his job and it was team who failed to do the rest at most of the times. Out of those 39 world cup innings he played, he scored more than 50 in 19 innings which is almost 50%.

Overall World Cup Records

Most Runs – 2120
Most Hundreds – 6
Most Fifties – 13
Best Average with more than 1000 Runs – 58.88
Most Runs in a World Cup – 673
Involved in Best 3rd Wicket Partnership with Dravid – 237
2nd in the most number of matches played – 41

From the above records one can understand that he has been the most prolific batsmen in world cups and has done his job every time he entered the ground. For more stats about Sachin’s performance in World cups you can check the below link. I have queried cricinfo site to get the results for world cups.;filter=advanced;orderby=start;template=results;trophy=12;type=allround



  1. Sachin has played maximum number of WC matches and that explains why he is the leeding scorer in WC. Except for WC2003 he is not the top scorrer even if we compare among the Indian players highest average is og Dravid so it is evident that Sachin does not deserves to be called GOD. He has played only for himself and this remains the undisputed fact.

  2. Rajeev desai has made a nonsense comment, of someone who doesn’t know a thing about cricket.. The total runs accumulated is not the main thing to be noted here.. Its the outstanding average score in every world cup series that he has dedicated to the team.. And how ungrateful he is to say that Sachin has not played for the team.. If scoring runs is not ‘playing for the team’, then what else in the world do you call one? And he has played so many matches just because he keeps doing his part the best, every time he dons the bat.. And he is called the GOD for his life long achievement, not just because of his brilliant world cup performance.. And mind you.. He has never put himself before the team.. After all its not for nothing that the team has dedicated the world cup to him..!! CRICKET IS A RELIGION, And SACHIN IS ITS GOD.. no denying that one, howler..

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