Happy Holi

In March 2007, when I was in Hyderabad I along with my brother and cousins enjoyed Holi. Holi has always been a day for which we in our childhood waited. As we grew up even though the intensity has reduced but the fun and enjoyment has not come down.

After me coming to Singapore in 2007 till 2011, I have not played Holi here neither I was there in India to play it. This year it is a bit different. Luckily my colleague Valerie’s friend was organising a Holi party and they invited us there to play holi. It was a beach side holi party and what else could we ask for.

At first we were only three who thought would go but finally on the day we ended up 11 people as a group who had a wonderful time with the colors. The rain in between and the beach has added more colors to the party. From morning 11.30 till evening 4.30 we were totally drenched in colors.

As there is a aftermath to everything, I was not in a position to go to office today and am having a relaxing day at home.

Hope all you guys had a great holi and would love to hear more and more stories from everyone.


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