S$1000 Challenge

Swetha has been a vivid follower of TIME in twitter and have been forwarding me all the good articles that she came across. On March 23rd I got a similar mail from Swetha which had a weird subject. I thought this was a spam mail. It read $1000 Challenge. I called Swetha and asked if she has really sent me the mail and should I go ahead and access the link. After confirmation I have clicked the link and read the content.

source of image

To my wonder I read the whole article and got inspired. It was about Chris Butterworth, a marketing manager who recently completed a four-week “$1,000 challenge.” This was very much necessary for me & Swetha as we were going through a unaccounted spending period for last 2 years. We were spending around S$3000 dollars every month other than the rent of S$2000 that we were paying.

After reading the article, the same evening I and Swetha discussed and decided to take this challenge. We identified the areas where we were spending a lot and decided to cut down all those costs. We are starting this challenge on 1st of April and will start tracking all the expenditure until May 1st. We are confident that we would succeed in this challenge and be an inspiration to all other friends of mine who are yet to realise about their expenditure.


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