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April 12, 2011

2011 – Year of Revolution

In January, Due to the increasingly violent protests in Middle East and North Africa, the Tunisian government came down and the President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali who ruled the country for 23 years flew to Saudi Arabia.

In February, Due to strong and widespread protests in Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak who ruled the country for 20 long years resigned and gave the control to military and gave country a chance to have elections held.

In March, inspired by the neighboring countries Libyan people started their major political protests against the longest ruling living president Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi vowed to “die a martyr” used his power and military forces to fight the rebels. He was successful in keeping the media away as much as possible and did not allow the outer world to support the rebels. The fight is still ON.

In April, Opposition leader Ouattara’s forces overrun much of the country and surround the President Laurent Gbagbo and his supporters in the presidential compound in the main city of Abidjan.This is the result of people protesting against the existing government and leading to a civil war.

Even in India, Anna Hazare‘s fight against corruption has caught like a fire and spread acorss the country which shaked the government to accept the demands and pass the Lokpal Bill.

I hope to see many more revolutions like this to be successful if it is for the good of the world.

April 12, 2011


It was in the month of June that I have shown infidelity to and went for Since then it has been quite a good journey, though I miss blogger every now and then. Today when I logged into my blog in wordpress, I saw something which I never believed I would acheive so early. It took me less than a year to get 14000 hits on my blog.

This is very very encouraging and I have learned a lot through this journey as how to attract readers to my blog. Hope I will hit 30000 by same time next year.

April 10, 2011

2XU Compression Run 2011

This is the first run in year 2011 for me. I couldn’t run the ZOO run because of the rain and had to cancel my U-Run because of the Bintan trip. Even though I was not prepared well for this 12K run, I was determined to finish it. With lot of expectations on me I thought I should finish this 12K track in 1hr 30mins.


They gave me the below freebies for registering for the run.

2XU T-shirt
Fast T2 E-Lace
Calf Guard
Water Bottle

The most useful of them were the Calf Guard and the Water bottle. In the only 2 practice runs (5K Runs) I did before this run, I ran with my Calf Guard ON. Believe me, it did reduce fatigue and gave muscles the required relaxation as they promised.

Finally the day has come and I had a little problem in my ankle and was not fully prepared. Yesterday, I, Swetha, Amar, Mahesh & Praveen started off from home at 6AM to go to Marina Boulevard. We took the train and saw many many other runners who were all geared up and raring to go for the run.

We reached the start point at 7:05AM and we were late by almost 10 minutes. There were hundreds of participants already present at the START point. Most of them have already started their race and many others were stretching their muscles to start the run.


Swetha started off first and then I asked the others to also start while I go to the loo and come. I came back did very light stretching and I was skeptical about my performance. At 7:11AM in my iphone I started running. With the pumping music around and the electrifying atmosphere my start was quick and was racing with other pro runners.

Ran for around 1KM, then I realised that I should go on my own pace and not carry away with others. I took each step one at a time and went on with consistent pace. The calf guard was very well supporting my muscles and I was not feeling the pain. I was running at an easy pace with out any trouble until 5KM mark. I stopped for quick 30 seconds to have some water and immediately started off.

I was checking the time once every KM mark was shown. I just wanted to run 8KM in 1 hour to reach my target time. I saw the watch as soon as I saw 9KM mark and it was exact one hour. That gave me a boost as I was ahead of my target time. I started running from then with new energy and then came the unexpected steps where everyone was slow.

I climbed those steps by running across rather than straight as everyone was doing. Once we crossed those steps it was all slope for next 250 mts which I took advantage and ran very fast. When I saw the 11KM mark and was able to see the finish line, I said to myself that I should just carry for 6 or 7 more mins and I will definitely make it in a good time. I ran the last 500 mts very hard and was pretty sure I was finishing the race in less than the target time. As I crossed the FINISH line, I pumped my fist in the air and said YES I DID IT.


I was able to finish in 1 hour 18 mins. Wooohhhooo. I took the finishers medal and waited for others.

Praveen finished in 1 hour 30 mins

Amar finished in 1 hour 40 mins

Mahesh finished in 1 hour 45 mins

Swetha did it in 1 hour 50 mins


Thanks to Surya for coming all the way to cheer us.


I should start my preparation for my next run “Sundown Half Marathon” on May 28th.

April 7, 2011


As everyday I & Swetha got ready for running and went out of the house and locked the door. As soon as I locked the door, I realised that I forgot the key inside. I asked Swetha, if she took the key and the answer was negative.

Next step was to call the owner and get the key or totally change the door key. As both the phones were new we did not save the owner’s number in our phones. First step failed.

Source of Photo

Next step was to call the agent and take the owners number. As both the phones were new we did not save the agent’s number in our phones. Second step failed.

Next step was to ask the neighbors if they got the owners number. Luckily one of the neighbor got the number and they called the owner from their phone. I took the address as BLK 919.

We thanked the neighbours and took the taxi to Tampines BLK 919. Taxi driver dropped us at BLK 916 ST 91 Tampines and told us that 919 would be somewhere around. We went around to see where BLK 919 was. Ran around for 30 mins and called the owner twice and still were in the same place with out any success. I asked the local people around if they know where this BLK was. To my surprise they told me that they were here for last 20 years and there is no BLK 919.

I SMSed the owner to send the street number and area. She gave me the same address as where I was standing. I took yet another taxi just to go around the same road and end up near BLK 916. Finally owner lost the patience and she asked us to wait near BLK 916 and she came over.

I and Swetha were telling her the whole story and in fact showed her the sign boards where there was no 919 written. She said it is written there and its just that the light is not ON. I was shocked and looked carefully at the board again.

My owner said “Nine VO Nine” and I heard it as “Nine VON Nine”.

April 6, 2011

After effects of India winning World Cup

April 6, 2011

Song of the day – Bang Bang

April 5, 2011

Happy Marriage Anniversary

April 3rd is the date when my best buddy got married and this year he has successfully completed one year of marriage. May love between you both be one long sweet dream.

April 4, 2011

Srikaranama Samvatsara Shubhakankshalu

I wish you all a very happy Ugadi. As always I wanted to write as what this festival means and how and who celebrates this festival.

To start with the name Ugadi means start of an era. This is mostly celebrated by the people in Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka. This is also called as Gudi Padwa in Maharastra. I recently came to know that Sindhis celebrate the same day as Cheti Chand and Manipuris as Sajibu Cheiraoba.

Even though the names are different all these people celebrate this day as a new year. The main festival refers to as start of the age we are living in which is Kaliyuga.

The best part of this festival is the Ugadi Pachadi which is a dish consisting of six tastes (sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust, surprise). Each taste has a significance which can be related to different experiences in life.

Neem Buds/Flowers for its bitterness, signifying Sadness
Jaggery and ripe banana pieces for sweetness, signifying Happiness
Green Chilli/Pepper for its hot taste, signifying Anger
Salt for saltiness, signifying Fear
Tamarind Juice for its sourness, signifying Disgust
Raw Mango for its tang, signifying Surprise

Bhakshalu or Bobbatlu is the other speciality dish which is loved by everyone.

May this Ugadi bring you new spirit, new beginning and new prosperity.

April 4, 2011

Quotable Quotes

Gambhir: “All credit goes to Sachin Tendulkar. We played for him. Beating Australia and Pakistan and now this, its a dream come true.”

Harbhajan singh: ” It means the world to me. I have been part of the three world-cups. This is for the nation. Thank you very much, we love you. This cup is for the people. Love you India!”

Virat Kohli: “This goes out to all the people of India. THis is my first world cup; I can’t ask for more. Tendulkar has carried the burden of nation for 21 years; It was time we carried him. Chak de India!”

Tendulkar: “Couldn’t have asked for anything more than this. Winning the world cup is the proudest moment of my life. Thanks to my team-mates. Without them, nothing would have happened. I couldn’t control my tears of joy. Thanks to the support staff. Thanks to Mike Horn, who has helped with the expectations and pressure. The team stuck together in the rough phases and proved people wrong who doubted our ability. Self belief has been always there but in the last two years, we have been very consistent. It’s been great honour to be part of this team. Thanks to Gary and Paddy Upton.

Zaheer: “I can’t explain this feeling. It’s for this special man (tendulkar).”

Sangakkara: “Very proud of everyone, especially Mahela who rose up to the occasion and put up a great hundred. When you look at this Indian team anything less than 350 looks less! They deserved this title, the way they played in front of a great crowd. Both Sri Lanka and India will be proud with the way they have played. Thanks to Sri Lankan fans. Congrats India, you were the better side today. The only way to stop India is to get atleast 7 wickets. Gautam was outstanding and Dhoni stepped up and performed.”

Yuvraj Singh: “This is unbelievable. Under-19 World cup, then Twenty20 but this is the most special. For Sachin, for everyone else. I want to dedicate this to my guru ji, for my mother and my friends. Last time we were in World-cup final, we made lots of mistakes. Batting second is lot of pressure but Gauti and MS played outstandingly. They played like it was a normal game. We batted like champions. We don;t have a proper left-arm spinner and so it was my job to do it. Narendra Hirwani has been helping me and I have been working hard. Tonight is going to be good night! Thank you India!”

Dhoni: “I took a quite few decisions tonight, if we hadn’t won I would have been asked quite a few questions: Why no Ashwin, Why sreesanth. Why no Yuvraj, Why did I bat ahead?! That pushed me and motivated to do well.The pressure had got to me in the previous games. In this game, I wanted to bat up the order and Gary backed me and by the senior players. I had a point to prove to myself. Virat and Gautam batted brillantly; lots of singles. Then with the help of bit of dew , we put pressure on the spinners. I would have liked Gautam to go on and get that big hundred.”

April 3, 2011

India vs Srilanka–World Cup Finals

April 2nd, 2011 the day which will be remembered forever by all the Indians. It’s the day when the whole nation came together to celebrate the winning moment. It is the day when the only missing glory in Sachin “THE GOD” Tendulkar’s illustrious career of 21 years has been added as yet another star to his achievements. It is the day when India recaptured the crown which was first lifted by Kapil Devils 28 years back.


This has been the second most hyped match (second only to India vs Pakistan match in Semis) of the whole tournament. So many theories and analysis have come up before the match. Some of them are:

– All the teams whose captains name started with letter “S” have lost and hence Sangakarra would not win the cup.

– The calendar of 1983 has read exactly same as 2011 calendar and hence India has all the chances to win.

– In its last three matches, India defeated the West Indies, Australia, Pakistan in the same order of their world cup victories (1979,1987,1992) and next is Srilanka’s turn(1996).

The match is also important for 2 champions of cricket. Muralidharan who is playing his last ODI and Sachin who is raring to get his 100th ton and maiden World Cup final victory.


India      WWWLWWTW


Both the teams have been in great form in this world cup. There has been 3 batsmen from each from both teams in the top 10 batsmen in this world cup. With respect to the bowling India had slight edge over Sri Lanka in the performances in this world cup. Zaheer & Yuvi have done excellent job for India. Fielding has been strength of Srilanka and India is doing good these days because of the youngsters.


As I have said previously I am not comfortable with day and night matches in the important games as the result is almost decided and hence I was waiting for the toss to be won by India.

Ravi Shastri came out with the captains and the referee Jeff Crowe for the toss. Jeff Crowe’s presence in World Cup finals as match referee continues to cause unusual incidents. After 2007 debacle, this final also had a false start.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni tossed the specially minted coin into the air and it was heads. Ravi announced that Dhoni won the toss. Oops wait, there is a confusion. No one heard what Sangakarra called. He claimed he called correctly while Dhoni did not accept. Then in a rather unusual decision, Crowe asked Dhoni to toss the coin again. This time, Sanga called head and got it right and elected to Bat first.

Jeff Goof up

I was shocked with the way toss went. What was he doing? His job was simple. Just listen to the call, see the coin and announce who won the toss. If the crowd is too noisy and couldn’t hear the call, then step in ASAP. If coin is about to hit the ground and couldn’t heard the call yet,  then best thing would be to immediately should out “dead toss.” Pick-up the coin and have the captains do it again.

First Power Play

Zaheer Khan started off with a maiden and went on to bowl three consecutive maidens. Sreesanth who was a surprise pick by Dhoni did a decent job in containing runs while the likes of Dilshan and Tharanga were batting. Zaheer’s fourth over started off in style by picking up his first wicket of the match and 20th wicket of the tournament. It was a Good start for India. Sreesanth was extremely nervous, but was successful in keeping his emotions in control.

Middle Overs

Dilshan, the most devastating batsman for Srilanka just threw his wicket for a very poor ball down the leg-side. The partnership between Dilshan and Sangakarra looked good and India got the breakthrough at the right moment.


Jayawardene came to the crease determined and started off playing shots very fluently right from ball one. He and Sangakarra started scoring at good rate and the runs were coming easily. If this partnership went on further then it would have been quite hard for India to come back into the game.

Indian team was successful in getting wicket of Sangakarra and a successful review against Samaraweera and a cheap wicket of Kapudegara. India seemed in a good position at the end of 40 where the scorecard read 183/5 which was much less than 5 run rate.

Last 10 overs

We all thought that two quick wickets have kept India on top and Srilanka can be restricted to 230. But Kulasekara who came ahead of Parera joined hands with Jayawardene and hit 63 runs in the batting power play. After Kulasekara did his job sacrificed his wicket Parera pitched in and scored the last useful runs.


Jayawardene who played very well right from start went on to finish his third century in world cups. Srilanka made a very very competitive score of 274 for the loss of 6 wickets. Zaheer Khan who gave just 17 runs in first 7 overs went ended up as 10-3-60-2.

India Innings

275 is never an easy target in a World Cup final and its  a Huge challenge up for India. With the last 63 runs in the batting power play it was a massive momentum shift Sri Lanka’s way. India should open positively and Sehwag and Sachin in the top order has to fire.

0.2 overs, 0/1

There was lot of talk in commentary box focused mainly on the importance of Sehwag’s cameo up front. Everyone was expecting at least a quick 50 of 30 or 40 balls. The whole stadium fell silent when Malinga sent Sehwag back to dressing room in the second ball of the innings with out any score on the board. That means India has to start fresh with out Sehwag and 9 wickets in hand. A dream start for Sri Lanka.


Sehwag being an important wicket asked for review with no success. He was not sure neither was Sachin that it was not out but just because he was an important player and it was Key for him to fire at the top, he took the liberty and wasted the review without even consulting Sachin who was watching from the other end.

Sachin Finishes 2nd highest runscorer


Now the whole nation looks at Sachin to score something big and save India. Sachin looked very confident and fans cheered him a lot for each run he has scored. The confidence with which he was playing, I thought he was determined to reach his century. On the other side Gambhir also looked confident. 7th over first ball, Malinga picks up his second and its none other than Sachin.


A nation falls silent. I am pretty sure that not only stadium but people watching the match around the world fell silent at this moment.


Young guns

There was a time when Indians used to switch off their TVs once Sachin is out. Today was a bit similar situation as India lost the opening pair cheaply. Infact I and my friends wanted to leave but just had a small faith on the new young guns of India.

It was time for Gambhir and Kohli to play responsible innings and guide India to a decent score and out of the pressure situation that they are in right now. Throughout the series both have not done any extra ordinary job and this was time for them to prove the point.


Both played really well taking singles and hitting the loose balls for boundaries. They gave their 100% to the game.They were able to take off the pressure that India had after looking the first two wickets. It was in 22nd over that Dilshan has taken a splendid catch (May be one of the best catches of the world cup) to dismiss Kohli. No complains on Kohli as he was out for a good ball and a great catch. But there was one point to be noted here that Sangakarra might have made a mistake in not bringing Malinga or Murali while this partnership was building.


Dhoni – The Super Cool

With three batsman still to come, India almost has the game back at level-pegging now as the scorecard showed 115/3 in 22 overs.

Everyone was waiting for Yuvi the consistent performer of the world cup to come and show some heroics to take the game home from here. But to everyone’s surprise Dhoni comes in ahead of Yuvraj. This was unexpected but a brave decision from Dhoni. He has not performed even in a single match in this tournament and hence everyone were skeptic with this move. I thought if he performs well and takes India to victory then he would be a lucky bastard yet again to perform at the right time and get the required attention and applause from everyone.

Important Partnership

Gambhir and Dhoni player very sensibly making no mistakes and building the partnership. They both have hit the half centuries and got a 110 run partnership. Gambhir was about to get his 100 in the world cup final and on 97 he tried a needless shot and threw his wicket. Dhoni did a great job in guiding his team to understand the situation of the game and play accordingly. Now on the pitch Dhoni have been warning Gambhir for his careless and needless shots. But at the end its on the individual to have that control. Gambhir misses his century.


Dhoni & Yuvi takes us home

Now India was in a very strong position with needing just 52 runs from 52 balls and having wickets of Dhoni, Yuvi & Raina. The situation for India was very comfortable and everyone were confident that they would win unless if we see some stupidity like Gambhir. But nothing happened like that. Dhoni & Yuvi carried on their innings till the end.

Well maybe fairy-tale endings do happen in real life. Dhoni finishes the tournament in style with his second six of the innings. It’s hard to script it better. A captain’s knock when it was needed most.


Indians in the whole world erupt in joy. India has won the World cup after 28 long years and Sachin has been part of it. What else can any Indian cricket fan ask for.

Greatest Captain for India

Dhoni has now become the greatest captain for India by taking the team to pinnacle in all formats of the game. He won the T20 World Cup & ODI World Cup in first attempt. He has taken the side to No. 1 in test and ODI rankings. Not to forget he is currently the holder of both the IPL and the Champions Trophy. Today I have become a big fan of Dhoni.

Emotional Scenes around

As the six came of Dhoni’s bat the whole dressing room started off jumping and running on to the field. The whole team was in tears of joy. Everyone in the team were congratulating & hugging each other. Indians all around the world were congratulating each other. It was the moment which will be written in the history books and remain in the hearts for ever.


Sachin was then carried for a victory run by the youngsters. It was an emotional scene to watch as the youngsters were fighting to get a chance to carry the GOD on their shoulders. My eyes were moist after seeing this. After the victory it was great to hear that all the players were showing the respect to the GOD by announcing that they have won this cup for him.

Victory lap

Indian teams victory would not have been possible with out Gary. Players know that and hence showed their respect to the coach by taking a victory lap carrying him.

Presentation ceremony

Medals to all the officials.

Medals to the losing team. Nice speech from the loosing captain.

Losing Team

Man of the match award to Dhoni

Man of the series award to Yuvraj Singh.

Medals to all the Indian players.


BCCI announced 1 crore to each player of Indian team.


Indian team everywhere in the news.


Celebrations everywhere


Lunch with the President and Dhoni with a new super cool look.

Just like the India vs Pakistan match, even this match had the dignitaries from different fields come together to cheer team India. Below are some of them whom I was able to spot.

Actors like
Ranbir Kapoor
Saif Ali Khan
Aamir Khan with his wife Kiron
Kunal Khemu
Soha Ali Khan
Preity Zinta
Shahid Kapoor
Vinod Khanna
Aftab Sivadasini
Sangeetha Bijalani
Suneel Shetty
Isha Sharvani

Ex-Cricketers like
Merv Hughes

And India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani