Fools Day

Yesterday I got a mail from Ramya with the subject “Singapore osthunna may27th…call chei details cheptha..”.

I got excited and called. Left Voice Message. Ramya called back and here is the conversaton:

I: Hey Ramya good .. so whats the plan?

Ramya: Yeah planning to come to SG after my exam.

Excited yet again

I: Wow thats awesome, we can have a great time.

Ramya: Whats todays date?

Not realizing

I: I dont know. Anyways so tell me is it only SG or other places also? or you will do a stop over enroute to India?

Ramya: You dont remember todays date?

Still did not understand what was coming my way

I: No whats so special. Anyways I am outside and there is lot of disturbance. I Shall go to office and call you.

Finally Ramya couldnt resist



Oops .. I am a fool

Singapore osthunna may27th…call chei details cheptha.

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