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Pehle haraya goro ko; phir haraya haramkhor ko aur ab haraye Sita ke chro ko!!!!

Dhoni is God!!! He started real diwali with Lanka dahanam……… Awesome Win !!!

1983 repeats…well played India…..Proud to be an Indian…

Dream of 1.2 billion people comes true after a gap of 28 yrs. Jai ho. Jai hind.

India only team to win 60 over, 50 over and 20 over world cups. Incredible India

Kapil’s Devils are now history. It’s Dhoni’s Devils ! 🙂

I feel Like personal achievemnet…eyes r moist n butterfly in the atomach!!!

Indian team really proved what they mean by ‘WIN THE CUP for SACHIN’

Saccchin. Saccchin. Clap clap clap sacchin. Sacchin. Clap clap clap. 2nd of April 2011 remember this day for the rest of your life

T20 champions, Test champions, now World Cup – Dhoni can now be termed the greatest captain of Indian team ever – undisputed!

History repeats .. Land of Ram vs Land of Raavan.. Ram wins again..


India tow world cup jeet gaya .. Poonam pandey kahan gayab ho gaye…!!!

Anhonee ko honi karde…honi ko anhoni…ek jagah jab jama ho teeno.,Rajni…Ghajni ,.aur Dhoni!! Cheers for India!:-)

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