As everyday I & Swetha got ready for running and went out of the house and locked the door. As soon as I locked the door, I realised that I forgot the key inside. I asked Swetha, if she took the key and the answer was negative.

Next step was to call the owner and get the key or totally change the door key. As both the phones were new we did not save the owner’s number in our phones. First step failed.

Source of Photo

Next step was to call the agent and take the owners number. As both the phones were new we did not save the agent’s number in our phones. Second step failed.

Next step was to ask the neighbors if they got the owners number. Luckily one of the neighbor got the number and they called the owner from their phone. I took the address as BLK 919.

We thanked the neighbours and took the taxi to Tampines BLK 919. Taxi driver dropped us at BLK 916 ST 91 Tampines and told us that 919 would be somewhere around. We went around to see where BLK 919 was. Ran around for 30 mins and called the owner twice and still were in the same place with out any success. I asked the local people around if they know where this BLK was. To my surprise they told me that they were here for last 20 years and there is no BLK 919.

I SMSed the owner to send the street number and area. She gave me the same address as where I was standing. I took yet another taxi just to go around the same road and end up near BLK 916. Finally owner lost the patience and she asked us to wait near BLK 916 and she came over.

I and Swetha were telling her the whole story and in fact showed her the sign boards where there was no 919 written. She said it is written there and its just that the light is not ON. I was shocked and looked carefully at the board again.

My owner said “Nine VO Nine” and I heard it as “Nine VON Nine”.

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