2XU Compression Run 2011

This is the first run in year 2011 for me. I couldn’t run the ZOO run because of the rain and had to cancel my U-Run because of the Bintan trip. Even though I was not prepared well for this 12K run, I was determined to finish it. With lot of expectations on me I thought I should finish this 12K track in 1hr 30mins.


They gave me the below freebies for registering for the run.

2XU T-shirt
Fast T2 E-Lace
Calf Guard
Water Bottle

The most useful of them were the Calf Guard and the Water bottle. In the only 2 practice runs (5K Runs) I did before this run, I ran with my Calf Guard ON. Believe me, it did reduce fatigue and gave muscles the required relaxation as they promised.

Finally the day has come and I had a little problem in my ankle and was not fully prepared. Yesterday, I, Swetha, Amar, Mahesh & Praveen started off from home at 6AM to go to Marina Boulevard. We took the train and saw many many other runners who were all geared up and raring to go for the run.

We reached the start point at 7:05AM and we were late by almost 10 minutes. There were hundreds of participants already present at the START point. Most of them have already started their race and many others were stretching their muscles to start the run.


Swetha started off first and then I asked the others to also start while I go to the loo and come. I came back did very light stretching and I was skeptical about my performance. At 7:11AM in my iphone I started running. With the pumping music around and the electrifying atmosphere my start was quick and was racing with other pro runners.

Ran for around 1KM, then I realised that I should go on my own pace and not carry away with others. I took each step one at a time and went on with consistent pace. The calf guard was very well supporting my muscles and I was not feeling the pain. I was running at an easy pace with out any trouble until 5KM mark. I stopped for quick 30 seconds to have some water and immediately started off.

I was checking the time once every KM mark was shown. I just wanted to run 8KM in 1 hour to reach my target time. I saw the watch as soon as I saw 9KM mark and it was exact one hour. That gave me a boost as I was ahead of my target time. I started running from then with new energy and then came the unexpected steps where everyone was slow.

I climbed those steps by running across rather than straight as everyone was doing. Once we crossed those steps it was all slope for next 250 mts which I took advantage and ran very fast. When I saw the 11KM mark and was able to see the finish line, I said to myself that I should just carry for 6 or 7 more mins and I will definitely make it in a good time. I ran the last 500 mts very hard and was pretty sure I was finishing the race in less than the target time. As I crossed the FINISH line, I pumped my fist in the air and said YES I DID IT.


I was able to finish in 1 hour 18 mins. Wooohhhooo. I took the finishers medal and waited for others.

Praveen finished in 1 hour 30 mins

Amar finished in 1 hour 40 mins

Mahesh finished in 1 hour 45 mins

Swetha did it in 1 hour 50 mins


Thanks to Surya for coming all the way to cheer us.


I should start my preparation for my next run “Sundown Half Marathon” on May 28th.


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