Remembering R D Burman

Today is the day when a legend was born. He started creating magic through his tunes right from the age of 9. Professional circuit call him Rahul Dev Burman, Friends call him Pancham and fans call him BOSS.

I still remember the day when my cousin (Prabhakar) gave all his collection of cassettes to me & my brother. We were happy to see so many audio cassettes and observed one thing in unique. Music director for all those movies was R.D. Burman. It was at that point I started listening to his music and fell in love with his magic.

Whether it is Romantic Song “Raat Kali” or Sexy Cabaret number “Piya Tu ab tho Aaja” or Hippie song “Dum Maro Dum”, Pancham was versatile and comfortable with all kinds of music genres available during his era. Today I wish he was still alive and give more and more hits to the world. There are many people around the world who can listen to his music for hours and enjoy every minute of it.

Happy Birthday BOSS.



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