Are we supporting Anna

There has been a huge wave of support for Anna in the recent past. Not only in India but people across the world are supporting his movement and cause. Similarly we friends in Singapore also were trying to do our part by supporting the movement by taking part in the rally which would soon happen in Singapore.

Yesterday it was just another weekend for us where we all went to friends place and had a nice time watching movies, playing poker and chit chatting. In midst of this fun time a sudden argument started about supporting Anna. Our idealist Amar gave a statement which sparked the debate which went on for almost an hour. The question was are we really supporting Anna? Are the thousands of people out there showing their support are really supporting Anna?

The main question in discussion was, do we understand what do we need to do by supporting a movement or a cause or is it just a fashion statement to join such movements along with our friends and family?

During Gandhi era when he started the Khadi Movement, the whole India stood behind him to support. They all burned their foreign clothing and foreign goods and started wearing Khadi clothes improving rural self-employment and self-reliance. People have started comparing Anna with Gandhi and his Movement against Corruption next only to Freedom fight. So how many of us are doing what our freedom fighters have done?

Today when we are saying that we support Anna, how many of us can really keep them in practice. Will you wait until the things get done at government offices? Will you always carry your license and not pay the 100 rupees to traffic constable? Will NRIs pay the exact customs duty when they bring in goods at the airport? How many of us would actually pay the exact taxes from our salaries without manipulating any bills? We have hundreds of such scenarios and questions that crop up.

My final question to all the Anna Supporters, Will you start the change from yourself by abiding to the law and all the big wigs paying all the taxes correctly and following the process correctly by providing all the required documentation at government offices and wait until your work is done. The change should come right from the grass root level which is the common man and his way of life.



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  1. I appreciate your sentiment author but there needs to be a start for an end to happen! India is a patriarchal society with thriving goons everywhere, does that mean we are bound to clutches? I am sure paying bribes doesn’t just end, it will however with systemic procedures and one expect the same to be accomplished a decade down the line.
    Your views are unique and so is that of 1.2 billion citizens of India. Be the change we got to be and not what a system wants us to be.
    rock on

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