Long Hiatus

Its been quite a while that I wrote anything here. You can blame it on Work, Laziness and travelling. After this hiatus what made me write this post is yet another weekend activity.

I & Surya was discussing during the week that we have to take a break from activities and rest at home. Everything was going as planned until Saturday evening when Nagaraj came home and asked us to get ready to chill out at Arab Street. Even though Surya was not keen in coming we somehow convinced him and left home by 8PM.

We have been to Arab Street the previous week too and we liked the Bazuka Cafe on Ophir Road. So we thought we shall go to the same place as some of the members were not available during the last visit. Before entering Bazuka Cafe, we thought we shall have some food.

We went to Haji lane and entered some random Turkish restaurant and ordered Lavash breads with Babaganush, Cacik, Humus, Saksuna, Ezme Salad and some Turkish drink. We entered Bazuka Cafe by 9.30PM.

Ordered Long Island Iced Tea (which is made of Tequila, Vodka, Gin, Rum and Contreau) and Margarita along with Green Apple Seesha. The music was awesome and we ordered multiple rounds of drinks along with some Chicken Wings and Chicken Shawarma. It was around 1AM that everyone was on high and we started dancing in that little bar for the wonderful dance music (LMAO mixes and Pitbul mixes) being played.

It was raining outside and we did not realise that the time was already 2.30AM. We need a signal from someone or somewhere to understand that its now time to leave. Right at that spot Praveen dropped the seesha and that became the point where we payed the bill and left the place.

As it was totally for Nagaraj that we were out today we went to Clarke Quay at that time (3AM) on his request. We entered Rupee Room and danced as if no one were looking at us. We all totally lost control and were enjoying all the songs and the stupid steps that we were doing on the dance floor. It was 5.15AM that I realised we have to leave and then we left the pub.

We got the taxi after a long wait and then as it was already 6AM, we went to Airport to have our breakfast. We had sumptuous breakfast at Anand Bhavan and came home at 7AM. Even though I slept for 6 hours I am still feeling very sleepy at 8PM in the night.

I hope you all had a great weekend and I wish you all have a great week ahead.


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