World’s Highest Bungee Jump

Swetha & I are part of a World Record now. You want to know how. Then you have to read my post.

Macau, which is best known as Asia’s largest destination for gambling and its revenue crossing Las Vegas within no time. For the adventure seekers, it is famous for its main stream attraction which is Bungee Jump from Macau Tower. Macau tower which is located in the former Portuguese colony stands as tall as 338 m (1,108.9 ft) and the top floor approximately at a height of 764 feet (233m). Yes you guessed it correctly, the bungee jump is from the height of 233m making it the World’s Highest Bungee Jump.

That's Macau Tower - 338mts

Ever since I knew Bungee jumping, I wanted to do the jump in New Zealand, South Africa, Nepal and Macau. Macau being so near to Singapore and being the highest, I always wanted to go for the jump.

It all started with a Deal coupon that I bought online misjudging it to be a great offer for a 4 Days 3 Nights in Hong Kong. Keeping that aside, I went to Macau from Hong Kong on Sunday (Sep-11) totally focused to directly go to the Macau Tower. Thanks to the marketing strategy of a tour guide who persuaded me in buying his offer of going around Macau first in his Mercedes van and then end up at Macau Tower.

By the time I reached Macau tower it was around 12.30. Frankly while buying the tickets Swetha & I definitely gave a second thought whether to go for it. We decided and bought two tickets for the Bungee Jump + Photos + Video. We paid 6100 HKD for 2 passes for the jump.

Had to pay 1000 dollars to get those 2 passes .. But it was worth the money

As we were going up the tower, it was just like a jittery ride to the top floor. We signed a paper which said they were not responsible for my injuries or death.


Swetha & I got nice T-Shirts which were colorful when compared to the T-shirts we got in Phuket, Thailand.

Photo says it all

The next step was to get the harness which would fit us. Then along with the harness we were weighed and our weight was noted on our left hands.

No comments on weight please

While we were sitting and waiting for our turn, we were checking around from the top and I was a bit scared at the height. The view from there was simple awesome and breathtaking.

Nice view

I liked this

Then I saw some kids doing the sky walk and felt that it shouldn’t be so tough as even the kids were doing this. There were also some funny sign boards.


At that point I realized that, there were lot of people doing sky walk but only 8 people doing the bungee jump. The tourists were excited to see the jumpers and were taking our pictures like animals in the zoo.

Then it was time and all our hearts were pounding harder. The first guy who was jumping was the heaviest of us. So my number of 4th and Swetha’s 5th in the queue.


While we were waiting in the queue, we asked the staff there as how many times have they done this. We were dumbfounded to hear that one of the guy has jumped the tower 96 times. Wow. I thought “Its a life time experience for many and its a daily job for some”. While we were in the queue looking at others jumping, we were shouting and encouraging the fellow jumpers and at the same time were trying to release the tension.

My turn came and I was sitting on the edge while the one of the staff was tightening the harness and tie the ropes to the legs while other one was shooting me asking how it was feeling. In the video my message to my friends and family was, ” At this height there is nothing we can do but to jump. So lets do this “.

All set

I reached to the edge of the plank looked at the videographer shouted “Yooooo” and looked down. I was scared, Yes I was scared at that height. Then I thought dude come on you are on the edge and you can’t go back. Lets do it. I opened my hands like the wings of a bird as I hear the background 5 .. 4 .. 3 .. 2 .. 1, I took a leap and rest is history.


It was an amazing experience. By the time I realised that I was falling, it took me just 5 seconds to reach the end point and then I was pulled up. And that was it. The reason for which I was there was fulfilled.

Here you go


After seeing all the videos of jumps around the world, I felt that this was the safest jump of all. After reaching the ground, I waited for Swetha’s jump. As I was waiting I could see her jump and then her voice in excitement.


Now as the certificate says, Swetha & I are officially entitled to ask “Do you have what it takes?”. Friends, it is an experience which no one should miss.



  1. Having just travelled New Zealand I started wondering what the highest bungee in the world was like and now I know. Awesome post and write-up. I never considered myself a bungee person, I have also never done it but after watching so many fellow travellers jump in New Zealand I started to feel jealous but I figure if you are going to do it you must do the biggest plus it’s really expensive in New Zealand.
    Maybe I’ll do it one day. Well done!

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