The day Indira Gandhi died

I still have the fresh memories of today, 27 years back. These memories were regularly brought back every now and then by my mom.

I was still a toddler then and my brother was in his LKG. As usual he went to school but to mom’s surprise he came back within an hour at 10AM. He then gave the sad news about Indira Gandhi being assassinated.

All over India, all the schools and offices were given holiday. Doordarshan was mourning for the next 7 days. The same day, the match between India and Pakistan was abandoned due to Indira’s assassination.

Even though she was the most controversial Prime Minister of India, she has left a legacy which is still in power after almost 3 decades. May her soul Rest in Peace for ever.


One comment

  1. Killing of 4 lakhs innocent people in there own country has no meaning to you, great social responsibility……. what we have in India today is the result of these great men who have ruled the country for last 60 years now, poverty, the corrupt system, big scams, lack of even the basic needs, so get up awake man, stop moving away with these mass killers think abt the country………… your eyes god bless

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