L.Subramaniam & Kavitha Krishnamurthy in Singapore

Even though I am not a big fan of classical music, I get a chance to hear them every now and then for the sake of Surya. This weekend was part of the yearly Kala Utsavam at Esplanade, Singapore. Surya being a big fan of classical music wanted us to come for the musical night.

L. Subramaniam, the great Indian Violinist and his wife Padmashri award winner Kavitha Krishnamurthy were performing on Sunday. We all went to Esplanade by 7.15 PM. The show started exactly at 7.30 PM. The first one hour was very entertaining from Raagas to Bollywood songs sung by Kavitha Krishnamurthy. The second hour was totally for the maestro L. Subramaniam’s violin & fusion.

Kavitha Krishnamurthy sung started off with a song on Ram and then sung her beautiful songs from Bollywood. L, Subramaniam started off slowly and then he & his son showed their talent by competing with each other. The fusion music was awesome.

We were very lucky to meet them and take their blessings after the show.


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