Sachin Completes 22 Years in International Cricket

22 Years back this is the day when the world has seen the start of the career of the most patronized cricketer in the world. He is the player who has scored avalanche of runs and broke all kinds of records in batting. The player who has mastered and invented so many batting techniques has been the best connoisseur in all forms of cricket. He is the player who stooped in front of all kinds of attacks and have shown his dominance. His impudence as a youth is still untarnished even after all these years. For more than a billion Indians and many more all over the world, its been a life time experience and joy while for him its a blink of the eye and every match is a fresh start.

He is none other than Sachin Tendulkar, the cricketing god. November 15th 1989, Sachin made his debut against the arch rival Pakistan. At that point no one would have even thought in their dreams that the then 16 year old kid would make it so big. He has been with the team for 22 years now and has groomed many other legends along with him.

At this juncture of his life and career, I wish him more and more matches, runs, centuries, records and most important a happy family life.


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