Test Cricket in 2011

Last year was a forgettable year for Pakistan Cricket team due to the Spot Fixing scandal which came into light at the fag end of the year. We were expecting more of such incidents to come into light. But this year has been a clean and pure competitive year in International Cricket.

As we are at just 10 days away from 2012, I wanted to do a round of how each teams have fared in Test Cricket.

This year has been a showcase of great performances from many teams. Below is the summary of how each team fared in Test Cricket.

Tests Summary

From the above table it is quite obvious that England has ruled the Test Cricket in 2011. Due to extraordinary performances from the top order and wonderful job by the bowling department has given England the Number one ranking in Test Cricket for 2011.

Test Ranking

England (M-8,W-6,L-0,D-2)

England started their year on a winning note in the last match of Ashes against Australia and won the 5 match series with 3-1. They continued this form into the series with Sri Lanka. After drawing the first 2 matches, they won the last test and winning the 3 match series with 1-0. Then came the much hyped Pataudi Trophy series against India. The result of this series was the deciding factor for the years best team. England did a clean sweep by winning all the 4 matches of the series.

India (M-11,W-3,L-4,D-4)

India started their year by drawing the test against South Africa and hence ending up the series in 1-1. In the mid of year when India toured West Indies, India were favorites and were the number one team in Tests. Even though India has won the 3 match series 1-0, they could not show their dominant cricket. Immediately after West Indies tour, India had the most forgettable series of the year against England. India lost all the matches (4-0) of the series and their first series loss under Dhoni’s captaincy. At the end of the year in November, India has shown their dominance at home and won the 3 match series 2-0 against West Indies. On the boxing day, India will start their first test against Australia and I hope they start the series and end the year on a winning note.

South Africa (M-4,W-2,L-1,D-1)

South Africa played only 4 tests till date this year. They started the year with a draw against India. Australia toured South Africa at the end of the year in November. Both won one match each and have drawn the series at 1-1. South Africa started on a winning note against Sri Lanka in the 3 test series which started in mid of December. They will play their second test in the series on the boxing day and I will good luck to both the teams.

Australia (M-8,W-3,L-3,D-2)

Australia started off the year with the loss of the Ashes Series to England at home. Australia then toured Sri Lanka and won the 3 match series 1-0. Australia then played two 2 match series against South Africa and New Zealand and drew both the series at 1-1. Overall they did not have a great year, but would definitely hope to revive with the series against India.

Sri Lanka (M-10,W-0,L-4,D-6)

Sri Lanka had a forgettable year in Tests this year. They did not win even a single test match. They lost three 3 match series 1-0 against England, Australia and Pakistan. They have also started their 3 match series against South Africa on a losing note. I hope to see some great cricket from the youngsters of Sri Lanka.

Pakistan (M-9,W-5,L-1,D-3)

Pakistan started the year with a 1-0 series win in 2 matches played against New Zealand in New Zealand. They then toured West Indies and draw the 2 match series 1-1. They also won the only test against Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe. They won the 3 match series 1-0 against Sri Lanka in UAE. They continued their winning streak by winning the first test against Bangladesh and I am sure they will win the second test too. This year has been incredible for Pakistan and they have not lost any of the Series. One more appreciating factor for Pakistan is that, all the matches were overseas for them and they did not have the home advantage.

West Indies (M-10,W-2,L-4,D-4)

West Indies lost the series against India in both India and West Indies. They drew the series against Pakistan and won 2 match series against Bangladesh 1-0.

New Zealand (M-5,W-2,L-2,D-1)

New Zealand Lost the 2 match series 1-0 to Pakistan. They won the only match against Zimbabwe. The only good news for New Zealand this year is their first ever Test win against Australia in Australia. They have also leveled the 2 match series 1-1.

Bangladesh (M-4,W-0,L-3,D-1)

Bangladesh lost the series to Zimbabwe, West Indies and now on the verge of losing against Pakistan. Hope to see better performances from the young team.


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