One Day Cricket in 2011

As all the One Day Internationals for the year of 2011 are over now, I felt that it is apt time to look back at matches played this year and how teams fared.

A total of 146 ODIs were played during the year (2 more than last year), a number that is significantly inflated due to the exhaustive One Day cricket. This year is also special for Sachin and India as they have won ICC World Cup. This high number has also contributed to some of the great performances and outstanding records. Virender Sehwag’s double ton and Shane Watson’s 15 sixes are couple of them which I cannot afford missing out without mentioning here.

Even though Australia did not show their dominance in Test Cricket but has fared very well in ODIs this year. On the other side, England has dominated Test Cricket but couldn’t show the same dominance in ODIs. This year of cricket belongs to Pakistan as they have fared well in all forms of cricket. India has also played well, but the X-Factor was missing for India. Below is the summary table of ODIs for this year.

One Day Summary

If we look at the ranking, there is no much change in them. The top 3 from last year has continued to show their strength and retained their spots. Other are still fighting to go up the ladder.

One Day Ranking

Australia (M-25,W-18,L-6,T-0,NR-1)

After losing Ashes at home, Australia came hard on England and won the 7 match series with 6-1. They also went on to win the only match against New Zealand played as part of Chappel – Hadlee Trophy. Australia lost to Team India in quarters of World Cup while the later went on to win the cup. Australia did clean sweep 3-0 against the minnow Bangladesh. They also won the 5 match series 3-2 against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka. One more major success came as a 3 match series win 2-1 against South Africa in South Africa. Overall this year was good in One Days for Australia.

India (M-34,W-21,L-10,T-2,NR-1)

India’s biggest success came as World Cup win this year. After 28 years, India went on to win their Second World Cup. India started this year with a 5 match series loss 2-3 to South Africa. After World Cup, India toured West Indies and won the 5 match series 3-2. The most forgettable series ever with England resulted in a clean sweep 0-5. India came hard against England and did a clean sweep 5-0 at home. This was when India has for the first time seen empty stadiums when India was playing. You can blame too much of cricket and especially too much of England. Later India continued its dominance at home by winning the 5 match series 4-1 against West Indies.

South Africa (M-15,W-9,L-6,T-0,NR-0)

Overall South Africa played very less cricket this year in both ODIs and Tests. They started the year with success against India at home. In World Cup they reached Quarters but yet again they chocked and couldn’t go further. After world cup they played again in November against Australia at home and lost the series 1-2.

Sri Lanka (M-28,W-14,L-12,T-0,NR-2)

Sri Lanka started their year on a great note winning the home series 2-0 against West Indies. They also reached the finals of World Cup. They then lost to England 2-3 in England. They lost to Australia at home 2-3. Their rues continued and lost badly to inform Pakistan 1-4.

Pakistan (M-32,W-24,L-7,T-0,NR-1)

Pakistan had a great run in ODIs this year. They started off with a series win against New Zealand 3-2. They also reached Semi-Finals of World Cup and lost to their Arch Rival India. Pakistan went on to win their next series 3-2 against West Indies and then 2-0 against minnow Ireland and then 3-0 against another minnow Zimbabwe. Pakistan won their next series against Sri Lanka 4-1 and then against Bangladesh 3-0. Overall Pakistan team has performed exceptionally well, though 8 of their matches were against teams like Ireland, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.

England (M-30,W-11,L-16,T-2,NR-1)

The only series worth mentioning for England would be their World Cup performance which made them reach Quarter Finals and their clean sweep 5-0 against India. They have faced heavy losses against Australia 1-6 and India 0-5. Their only other series win was against Sri Lanka 3-2.

New Zealand, West Indies & Bangladesh have had mixed results and are yet to improve and show their presence in the elite group of cricketing nations. The performances from other countries are not worth mentioning.


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