January 2012

One month passed in 2012 and I did not write any thing substantial in January. There were lot of moments and days in January about which I wanted to write in my blog. Again blame the laziness and 24 TV series for not doing it. Below are some I am listing down about which I wanted to blog about.

New Year: As a start to the new year we all make resolutions and try and review what happened during the last year. Even though I have not done any resolutions, I would definitely write about last year this month.

Ramya’s Birthday: January 11th, birthday of my best friend and cousin. Even though we are miles away, we have been speaking almost everyday and discuss about everything on the earth. Looking forward to meet her. Also I wish her a great relation with her new member in the family Zoe.

Swetha’s Birthday: January 18th, birthday of my wife. Last 2 years I have suprised her on this occassion. This year I was lazy and couldn’t plan any thing. Swetha & I took leave and were at home to spend some quality time with each other.

Sankranthi: We celebrated well in Authentic telugu style

Republic Day: Just wished my friends

Chinese New Year: It was a long weekend with 4 days. We spent the whole weekend with sports & movies.

India’s White Wash: India had a forgettable start to 2012 with a 4-0 white wash against Australia. I hope India will bounce back.

Australian Open Final: After coming to Singapore, I have hardly followed any sports on television. It was Australian Open final which I saw this weekend and what a match it was. I was very fortunate to see this match and I thank Mahesh for arranging this.

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA): January 16th, Wikipedia took a decision to black out in a protest against SOPA.

I wish and hope I will be able to blog more regularly.


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