Arrival in Hong Kong

I have been longing for this trip for quite sometime and finally when we landed in HK, I was very much excited. As HK International Airport is one man-made Island and the runway is surrounded both sides by sea, we wanted to take a window seat and see how it feels like landing on the strip on sea.


At Singapore Airport


Breakfast at McD


In the flight


Hong Kong Airport

After landing and before going to immigration, we took some Tourist City Maps. One map with info about popular destinations, One with 3D view of the popular buildings which actually helped us in identifying the buildings easily and on MTR map. As it was a weekend, we had to wait for almost an hour in the long queue at immigration. For Indians it was Visa on arrival to stay for 2 weeks with no visa charges. After immigration, we collected our luggage and reached the arrival hall.


Inside Hong Kong Airport


Immigration Line

As in all big airports we could see many counters for transport, tourist info and Forex. I felt Forex conversion was better in Singapore. As I read about Octopus card before we went straight to Airport Express counter and bought 2 Octopus card with 500HKD each. Octopus Card is very useful card which can be used in all public transport in Hong Kong(MTR, City bus, Ferry, Tram, in super market stores(Circle-K and 7-Eleven) and also in many food joints).We can add value to this card and also we can return the same to get refund the balance money. Airport Express train is fastest way to connect to HK Airport and HK city. It charges 90HKD to Kowloon and 100HKD to Hong Kong. Another advantage is that Airport Express offers free shuttle service from Airport Express Stations to certain Hotels which is very convenient. But as our hotel guy was giving us a free shuttle we took the bus service provided by the hotel.


Hong Kong Dollars

We saw tall building en route to our Hotel. Rambler Oasis Hotel is located on Tsing Yi island of Hong Kong. This island is more of industrial area than a tourist spot. So one thing we decided was to use this hotel only to sleep and we have to be out of this island for most of the day. This hotel was a 40 storeyed building and we got a room at 27th floor. There were couple of Chinese restaurants in this building where we had our Chinese breakfast and lunch and then started our 4 day trip.



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