Year in Review 2011

For last one week I am not having any work and getting bored. Today was no different for me. I’m sitting here at my office and getting bored. All day I have been looking into cricket statistics. Getting into mid of February, my blog is still waiting for a review post of what happened in last one year. I have couple of hours to go home and as I am waiting I’d like to take a quick look back at 2011, with a YEAR IN REVIEW

I am trying hard to memorize as what has happened in this year. So in parallel I am taking help of my own blog postings and Facebook timeline and activity log.

JANUARY 2011: Year started off well with a nice Year end count down and party. Watched lot of movies as usual. Had a good time on the occasion of Swetha’s birthday. Yet another year without any hike and do not have a reason why I should stay in the current job. As the month came to an end, the only positive feeling that took into next month is about mom and dad coming to Singapore.

FEBRUARY 2011: The month started off with mom and dad visiting Singapore. We travelled around in Singapore and also visited Malaysia and Indonesia. We started the year of runs with the Zoo run of 8KM. February 12th was Ramya’s second anniversary and February 14th, Valentines day was my second marriage anniversary. Swetha & I were very happy as we spent quality time with mom & dad. Cricket World Cup 2011 has started with a bang.

MARCH 2011: March has always been special for me as its the month of my birthday. Had a great time on my birthday with mom and dad. After mom dad left Singapore, our good time continued and we enjoyed all the weekends. Holi was a highlight as we had a great time at ECP. In World Cup, India defeated Australia and Pakistan in Quarters and Semis respectively. We also started our $1000 budget month in March. Most important, I completed 3 years of blogging.

APRIL 2011: April started of with Ramya fooling me about her trip to SG. India won the world cup after 27 years beating Sri Lanka in the final. We all cheered Team India and Sachin. Started using Windows Live writer for my blogging. My best buddies marriage anniversary. This is the month when my blog reached 14000 visitors. Celebrated Ugadi nicely with all the friends coming home. Celebrated Nagaraj’s birthday at Khalsa Club. Our running continued with 12KM run at 2XU compression run. After mom and dad, my brother came to Singapore for a short trip. I had a nice time with him.

MAY 2011: May was full of fun as Nagaraj’s family was in Singapore and we had a great time. As they were in Singapore we went out for Bowling, Wake Boarding, Ice Skating and did many other activities. We also went to see the Air Show where we got a chance to sit in the F-16 fighter jet. My team also won 2 matches comprehensively after 6 straight losses.

JUNE 2011: June started off with birthday party of Surya at Arab street. June 4th weekend was frenzy as I watched 13 Movies, played 4 Hours of Badminton and did 2 Hours of shopping. First week was awesome with lot of movies, games and parties including Rakesh’s anniversary party. This is the month when we discovered about the hottest chicken wings at Sunset Grill and Bar. We successfully completed our first ever National Vertical Marathon by climbing Singapore’s tallest building. We also did a charity walk barefoot for Barclay’s bare your soul walk.

JULY 2011: July was a calm month for me with not much activities other than running. We successfully completed Race against cancer – 15KM and Marina 21KM. Both the run I was able beat my best timing.

AUGUST 2011: August month also did not see any activity for us. It was just the routine. We had a nice time at Santosh and Sowmya’s birthdays. Other than Credit Suisse beach volley ball and Director’s Premier league cricket, I haven’t played much. Wished my brother and dad on their birthdays. We ended the last weekend with bar hopping.

SEPTEMBER 2011: September month was rocking and hectic for us. Swetha & I went to Hong Kong and Macau. It was an awesome trip and we also did our world’s highest bungee jump. couple of weeks later we went along with my whole gang to Bangkok for Bachelors party of Amar & Praveen. We also did our level Rock Climbing certification this month.

OCTOBER 2011: October started off with a day trip to Pulau Ubin, where we have taken some very nice action photos. Diwali was fun as we have again tried some skills of photography. We had a crazy weekend night when we left home in the evening and came back only in the morning at 7AM. It was also special as it was the month of mom’s birthday. Amar got married this month and we all wished him at the airport. The most exciting part of October was a present from Swetha. I was very very much impressed with her work. He created a video with my photos and a song in the background. The timing was impeccable.

NOVEMBER 2011: November was a tragic month for my family. Swetha and her family have gone through agony and pain due to the tragic death of Sreekanth.

DECEMBER 2011: With in a month we had another bad news of my grand father’s expiry. I was not so sad as he got relief from pain that he was going through. Swetha & I have done our Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon. I have done the full while Swetha did the half marathon.

Even though I started writing about this on a weekend, I am ending this on a weekend as it took some time to recollect of what has happened over a year. I wish my new year will have more and more adventures and stories to talk about.


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