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November 30, 2012

Should Sachin Retire?

All over the Facebook, the status messages convey praises to Ponting for his timely decision for retirement and cursing Sachin for not doing the same. I thought let me look at the numbers and hit it back at people who are bashing Sachin for not retiring.

For almost 5 years, where ever Sachin plays, people have been giving a standing ovation thinking that would be his last game there. He has proven everyone wrong and is continuing his love for cricket.

I took the last 6 years of performances between Sachin and Ponting to see how well each has performed.

Tests Played between 2007 and 2012


RP: M-4; I-6; R-192; A-38.4

ST: M-9; I-16; R-776; A-55.42


RP: M-14; I-25; R-1182; A-47.28

ST: M-13; I-25; R-1063; A-48.31


RP: M-13; I-23; R-853; A-38.77

ST: M-6; I-9; R-541; A-67.62


RP: M-12; I-23; R-813; A-36.95

ST: M-14; I-23; R-1562; A-78.10


RP: M-7; I-13; R-415; A-31.92

ST: M-9; I-17; R-756; A-47.25


RP: M-8; I-13; R-588; A-49

ST: M-7; I-12; R-274; A-22.83


RP: M-58; I-103; R-4043; A-40.83

ST: M-58; I-102; R-4972; A-54.04

In tests, apart from 2012 every other year Sachin has dominated over Ricky Ponting. The overall figures during this time says it all. If we consider anything less than 45 average is a bad year, then Sachin had just one while Ponting has 4 years. Australia and Australians has supported their greatest player of modern era during the bad patch in his career. Sachin being the greatest player of all time for India, Indians are losing their patience with just one year of failure in performances. Poor chap, he has set his standards so high that people cannot see him perform like other 95% of players in world cricket now.

ODIs Played between 2007 and 2012


RP: M-27; I-24; R-1424; A-79.11

ST: M-33; I-32; R-1425; A-47.5


RP: M-13; I-13; R-278; A-21.38

ST: M-12; I-12; R-460; A-41.81


RP: M-29; I-29; R-1198; A-42.78

ST: M-21; I-20; R-972; A-54


RP: M-22; I-22; R-771; A-36.71

ST: M-2; I-2; R-204; A-204


RP: R-18; I-17; R-604; A-40.26

ST: M-11; I-11; R-513; A-46.63


RP: M-5; I-5; R-18; A-3.6

ST: M-10; I-10; R-315; A-31.5


RP: M-114; I-110; R-4293; A-42.93

ST: M-89; I-87; R-3899; A-48.01

Sachin is the greatest ODI player of all time. He has proved that in his performances in last 6 years also. There was only one year where Ponting has beaten Sachin with his average. During the same time, he has become the first player to hit a double century in ODIs.

I further compared Sachin with rest of the world in last 6 years. In tests Sachin is in the Top 4 run getters while Ponting is in the 14th position. Also only 5 people have bettered his average in the Top 14.

Player Mat Inns Runs Ave 100 50
AN Cook (Eng) 72 126 5899 49.99 18 26
KP Pietersen (Eng) 68 112 5264 49.66 16 18
MJ Clarke (Aus) 59 101 5123 55.68 17 17
SR Tendulkar (India) 58 102 4972 54.04 16 23
JH Kallis (SA) 54 92 4869 60.86 20 16
KC Sangakkara (SL) 49 85 4829 62.71 18 17
HM Amla (SA) 55 95 4734 55.04 16 22
GC Smith (SA) 54 95 4500 51.13 15 19
MEK Hussey (Aus) 60 105 4405 44.94 13 21
V Sehwag (India) 49 89 4376 50.88 11 20
DPMD Jayawardene (SL) 50 86 4351 53.06 15 14
AJ Strauss (Eng) 65 112 4246 39.31 11 19
R Dravid (India) 58 106 4190 43.64 13 17
RT Ponting (Aus) 58 103 4043 40.83 8 26

In ODIs, with very minimal games being played in 4 of the last 6 years Sachin is still in the Top 10 run getters while Ponting is in the 8th position playing 25 innings more than Sachin. But if you look at the average at which Sachin has scored his runs would keep him in 3rd position in the top 10 run getters.

Player Mat Inns Runs Ave 100 50
KC Sangakkara (SL) 155 149 5656 40.98 9 38
MS Dhoni (Asia/India) 152 135 5173 54.45 5 36
TM Dilshan (SL) 146 138 4906 39.56 13 20
DPMD Jayawardene (Asia/SL) 157 148 4701 34.56 7 34
G Gambhir (India) 123 119 4668 43.22 10 32
MJ Clarke (Aus) 130 122 4653 46.53 5 35
AB de Villiers (Afr/SA) 106 101 4481 56.01 13 26
RT Ponting (Aus) 114 110 4293 42.93 10 27
MEK Hussey (Aus) 137 120 4054 42.67 2 30
SR Tendulkar (India) 89 87 3889 48.01 9 22


November 15, 2012

About Me

It’s been a while that I have logged in into my blog or wrote anything meaningful. So I thought I should share something that’s happening in my life.

Recently for my Domain’s new letter I was asked give a write up about myself. Initially I thought it would be an easy task to write some words about myself. Then when I started writing, I came across so many points which were common with many a people in the team. So I thought I shall write only the unique and distinct points which would define my personality.

Below is the content that I have submitted for the News Letter:


I have started my career as a Technical Support Engineer for Business Objects and now after 9 Years of Experience, I can call myself as a BO Expert. I have worked with Business Objects, Computer Associates & Credit Suisse.

Personally, happily married for 3 and half Years. I am an ametuer photographer who loves to take pictures of friends and family. I am fond of all kinds of sports. I love playing Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Volleyball etc. I have also run multiple half marathons and a Full marathon. I enjoy watching movies and TV shows, I would have watched majority of the movies released in Hollywood, Bollywood & Tollywood since 2007.

I have a passion to explore new places which offer some kind of adventure. Being an Indian and with many home trips on cards, I was successful in travelling 10 countries around Singapore just by travelling during the weekends. In due course of my travel, I have crossed some Unique bridges, climbed some tough terrains and rocks, did rafting along and against the water rapids, kayaked through the lagoons, jumped from great heights and dived deep into the sea.

Currently working on Release 6.3, preparing for yearend full marathon and getting ready to climb Mount Huashan in China and started watching Breaking Bad.