6 Years & Counting!!!

Today is the day when I first left my parents. Today is the day when I first started living independently. Today is the day when I landed in a foreign land. Today is the day 6 years ago that I first came to Singapore.


When I first came here, I never thought I would be spending so many long years here. Just wanted it to be a small stint and leave to another country. Everyone asked me if I am settling here and if I liked it. The answer is NO. Definitely I would not settle in Singapore and the only reason I liked it is for the proximity to India and many other travel destinations.


Now the next question would be what made me stay for so long. I do not have a definitive answer for that. I have been surrounded by very good people which made my stay comfortable. Travel bug has bit me and wanted to cover Southeast Asia before I leave Singapore. Also most important changes in my life has happened here which needed some time to settle in. Got married and now have a baby because of which I couldn’t really take a bold step to go to a new place.


So How long do I stay in Singapore? I have no clue. It could be a month a year or may be another 6 years. I would like to thank all my friends who have made my stay in Singapore comfortable and happy.


One comment

  1. Time flies by, and those who upgrade, improvise and improve according to the changing times and needs, make progress, rest of them are left behind to navigate in the confusion of mediocrity. It is a personal choice. Not choosing amounts to making a bad choice.

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