Is it time to Quit my Job

22nd October 2007, I joined Credit Suisse as a Business Objects consultant. Its been 6 years and it takes no genius to confirm that its time to hang my boots here. But before I do that I wanted to think about the genuine reasons as why I want to quit.



Every morning I wake up and think twice to go to office.

I really dislike my boss and his boss attitude towards me.

My skills are not being tapped since long time.

I have been doing the same stuff for 6 years and I do not see any more challenges

I feel I am doing more work than what I am being paid for

Apart from the above reasons, the most important is that I am living in a comfort zone and I feel I am stuck in this place. A feeling of complacency has creeped in.



  1. Time flies by, and those who upgrade, improvise and improve according to the changing times and needs, make progress, rest of them are left behind to navigate in the confusion of mediocrity. It is a personal choice. Not choosing amounts to making a bad choice.

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