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November 1, 2013

Sardar Patel’s Statue

The hot news going around the political circle is about Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s Statue that is to be built on one of the island near Gujarat. Modi laid the foundation stone in the presence of huge media coverage along with the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. When I first saw the news that the statue would be 182 mts and twice as big as Statue of Liberty I was awestruck by the size that they are planning. But the when I saw the cost as whopping Rs 2,074 crore, the first question that came into my mind was, “Can we afford it?”


The statue is being built as a symbol of unity. But who in India would remember our first Home Minister or the next would be Prime Minister as a symbol for unity. Both have a notorious background of going against Muslims. So is this really about symbolizing unity or it is yet another political gimmick which would cost the common man yet another  humongous amount of tax money.

There is a website and a youtube video which has been prepared to justify their act and decision about this statue. Being a supporter of Modi or may be being against Congress, I personally feel that this kind of amount could be used to resolve much better purposes which are plaguing India right now.

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November 1, 2013

Should I be happy for India’s run chase

Yesterday India has won yet another high scoring game while chasing. I have to feel happy about it but rather I am feeling really sad. If we look at the series so far below are the match results:

1st ODI: Australia 304/8 (50/50 ov); India 232 (49.4/50 ov) Run Rate: 5.4 Wickets: 18
2nd ODI: Australia 359/5 (50/50 ov); India 362/1 (43.3/50 ov) Run Rate: 7.73 Wickets: 6
3rd ODI: India 303/9 (50/50 ov); Australia 304/6 (49.3/50 ov) Run Rate: 6.11 Wickets: 15
4th ODI: Australia 295/8 (50/50 ov); India 27/0 (4.1/50 ov) Run Rate: 5.95 Wickets: 8
5th ODI: Match abandoned without a ball bowled
6th ODI: Australia 350/6 (50/50 ov); India 351/4 (49.3/50 ov) Run Rate: 7.05 Wickets: 10

Its been a batsmen paradise through out the series. As mentioned in commentary yesterday, bowling in this series would be most hazardous job someone can do. If we look at the statistics batsmen from both sides have scored heavily while the bowlers have been on the receiving end.

Top 5 batsmen in the series
Player         Inn  Runs Avg       100s 50s
GJ Bailey     5     474  118.50  1       3
V Kohli        4     344  172.00  2       2
RG Sharma 5     282  94.00    1       1
S Dhawan   5     224  56.00    1       1
GJ Maxwell 5    188  37.60     0       2

Top 5 Bowlers in the series
Player                Inns  Wkts  Ave      Econ
MG Johnson     5        7        33.42  5.68
R Vinay Kumar 4        7        34.71  7.04
R Ashwin          5        7        40.57  6.17
JP Faulkner       4        6        40.83  7.10
RA Jadeja          5        5        52.40  5.24

A batsmen scoring at an average of 40 in a series would be considered as a good bet. Similarly, a bowler who bowls at an average of less than 25 in a series would be a better bowler. But from the above stats it is very evident that batsmen has performed superlatively while bowlers have under performed.

If we look at the current Indian side, it is having a formidable opening pair, a very strong middle order, an amazing batsmen who can chase mammoth scores, a cool match winning captain who can play lower middle order and a much better tail end compared to any other Indian cricket team before. By saying this I can boldly say we are having one of the best batting side ever even with the absence of ODI greats like Sachin, Sehwag & Ganguly. In contrast, India is currently having one of the worst, inconsistent bowling line up with an exception of Bhuvaneswar Kumar.

Dhoni has to look out for more bowling options rather than sticking to the same set of losers. I guess BCCI should go beyond Ishant, Vinay, Shami & Unadkat and give chances to more and more good bowlers who are performing well in domestic cricket. This would help out in rotating players and getting the bench strength before World Cup 2015. If the same continues and no measures are taken, there will be stage where every youth in India would want to become a batsmen and there will be no good bowlers.

I hope to see a day when India would be the best in both bowling and batting departments like Australia and South Africa.