Sardar Patel’s Statue

The hot news going around the political circle is about Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s Statue that is to be built on one of the island near Gujarat. Modi laid the foundation stone in the presence of huge media coverage along with the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. When I first saw the news that the statue would be 182 mts and twice as big as Statue of Liberty I was awestruck by the size that they are planning. But the when I saw the cost as whopping Rs 2,074 crore, the first question that came into my mind was, “Can we afford it?”


The statue is being built as a symbol of unity. But who in India would remember our first Home Minister or the next would be Prime Minister as a symbol for unity. Both have a notorious background of going against Muslims. So is this really about symbolizing unity or it is yet another political gimmick which would cost the common man yet another  humongous amount of tax money.

There is a website and a youtube video which has been prepared to justify their act and decision about this statue. Being a supporter of Modi or may be being against Congress, I personally feel that this kind of amount could be used to resolve much better purposes which are plaguing India right now.


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