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March 8, 2015

India 2015 – Political Map


March 8, 2015

Happy Women’s Day

Today is 8th March 2015, is International Women’s Day. I would like to dedicate this post to all those women who has influenced my life at some point.

Where else can I start apart from writing about my mom. Today whatever I am and whatever is my personality is all because of my mom. She has been guiding us (my brother and me) through out our lives. She has been telling us what is right and what is wrong. Frankly my respect for women has come from what ever my mom taught me. She is the reason why I have not been influenced with the foul language even though many around me use it. I would give credit to my mom for what I ever good person I have become today. I can go on and on. I wish I was with you today but I take this opportunity to let you know that I love you unconditionally and wish you a very happy women’s day.


Next person who has influenced me was my best friend and cousin Ramya. I have learned how to be strong from her. She has taught me how to behave with girls. I was very timid until I met her and she is the reason behind my confidence when I approach someone. I love her for her guts and the determination. Ramya you are such a beautiful soul and I love you for what you are. Happy Women’ Day to you.


Dolly is my lovely sister who has been with me during my most important phase of life. I have learned from her as how to love someone unconditionally. She has been with me during thick and thin. Even though she was my little sister, she has always guided me in the right direction and have always boosted my confidence. Even through the rough patches you have never left my side. I love you Dolly for everything and thanks a lot for being there when needed and I wish you a very happy women’s day.

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During college I had the best friend any one can get. If it was not for her, I wouldn’t have got even those marks that I got in my Bachelors. She has been a strong figure and have always guided and motivated me. She is someone who is always there to give a shoulder to lay my head and cry when I am sad. Even though we speak once a year, we are still the best buddies. I love you Jitna for being my best friend during and after college. I wish you a very happy women’s day.

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Many people have different opinions regarding marriage. For me marriage brought wonders into my life. Swetha is the best thing happened in my life. Everyone say marriage changes people, but with Swetha, I am still the same. She has never stopped me from being me. She has been more of a best friend than a wife. I love her for that trade in her. Thanks to her the second best thing Shannu happened in my life. Thanks Swetha for everything and happy women’s day.


Finally its Shannu who has brought lot of happiness in life. I would wish you the women’s day when you grow up. Until then I love you so much Shannu.


March 8, 2015

Khat – The Letter

Its been more than a year I have even logged into this blog. Today I tumbled up on a beautiful video which makes sense of life. Its all about basics of life and if everyone follow them then our life will be beautiful.

I would like to write the letter to my daughter and hope to see her grow with a beautiful soul.

Dear Sharvani,

Welcome to this world

This is a beautiful, lovely and amazing place

and you have been sent here to make it more beautiful and amazing

Who sent us??

Nobody has been able to know that till date

and probably its not even important

so please don’t waste your time on such questions

We all have a limited time here

There is so much to see

There is so much to know

and there is so much to experience

that you don’t have any time to waste

Possibilities are endless

You can become anything

You can do anything

You can change the world

Try something new everyday

Try to learn and understand something new

and if in doubt


Its always better to regret about something after doing it

rather than regretting without doing it

because by doing something

even if you don’t gain anything

you will gain experience

which is very valuable

Experience everything

But don’t get addicted

Experience will help you differentiate right from wrong

It will prevent you from committing mistakes

but don’t be afraid of committing mistakes

because only those who does something make mistakes

Take responsibility for your mistakes

and try to rectify them

Forgive other people’s mistakes

and give them a chance to rectify it

No one likes to commit mistakes

No one misbehaves on purpose

You don’t know whats going on in anyone’s life

so treat everyone the way you treat yourself

be as lenient to others as you are to yourself

Respect everyone

Trust everyone

and most important

Love everyone

Love is very sparse in this world and everyone needs it

You will need it too

Don’t hesitate to ask for it

Don’t hesitate to show it

Life is too short to be shy or be in doubt

Dance like there is no tomorrow

Sing with all your heart

Eat as much as you can

Laugh loudly

and always cry like a baby

Only your body should grow old

not your heart

The day you loose your childishness and innocence

You loose your life

Think about the future

but don’t worry about it

Think about the past

but don’t get lost in it

There will be good days and bad days

Don’t boast too much when the days are good

Don’t loose hope when the days are bad

Don’t give yourself all the credit for your success

and never blame others for your failures

Just keep moving forward

Keep spreading happiness

and always remember

You have been sent here just for one reason

To make this world

more beautiful

and more amazing

Lots of Love


Source: Youtube