January 2, 2014

Happy New Year 2014






For the consecutive year, we went to Universal Studios for new year celebrations and had a wonderful time. This time it was with my regular SG Gang and my cousins along with my family. So it was a dhamakedar enjoyment all the way. I wish everyone a very happy and joyful new year.


December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas 2013


As the year is coming to an end, its festive season around the globe to celebrate Christmas. I will all my christian friends a very happy Christmas.

I was thinking as why Christmas is celebrated on December 25th. I was sure that many  of my Christian friends would also not know the exact reason behind selecting this date as no one knows the exact birth date of Jesus Christ.

I did some online research and found an interesting article.

December 20, 2013

Resolutions for New Year 2014

I have been away from the blog most of the time this year. I hope I would be more regular and will write more meaningful content next year. As the year of 2013 is about to fade and the new light of new year 2014 is shining bright at us, I thought its time to write my new year Resolutions.


1. My top priority and the top of the list would be to change the job. Its already 7 years in this organization where growth is stagnant, I thought I should be determined to change the job.

2. To support my top resolution, I need to do some work for which I should upgrade my skills. For this I want to add Informatica, BO 4.0 and Unix to my existing skill set.

3. As I am good at handling the clients, I think Project Management would be my next area of interest. To move into that, I will have to complete my PMP exam.

4. Since my little angel came into my life, its been a roller coaster ride and life has been very busy and couldn’t read any books. I am planning to read at least 12 books in 2014.

5. Getting fit and getting lean has always been in my top priority lists but have never worked hard towards that goal. By the end of year 2014, I want to be lean and fit and weigh not more than 70Kgs.

6. 2013 has been a very calm year for my trips due to additions into families of my group. In 2014, I want to do at least one trekking trip, especially Sathuragiri in Tamilnadu.

7. I have been very bad with my finances through out my life. I should keep an account of every penny that I earn/spend/lend.

8. This year has been special with respect to my entrepreneurship as I started my first venture. I would like to venture one more in 2014.

9. I have always been fond of bikes. I want to buy Royal Enfield Continental GT in 2014.

10. Dad has been wanting to drive a SUV for long time now. I would like to buy Mahindra Bolero (Dad’s favourite) in 2014.

11. I have been fond of keeping count of some silly things. Similarly, I have count of countries that I travelled. I want to increase the number by at least 2 in 2014.

12. I was known for my ability to keep in touch with everyone. Its been a while that I have not lived up to the expectations. I would like to contact as many friends this year as possible and may be plan a get together.

13. I feel it is materialistic to wish on Facebook. I would like to wish most of my friends by calling them for their birthdays this year.

14. I would like to do a road trip in 2014.

15. Stop running marathons and start doing some unique fun runs and competitive runs like color run and commando run respectively.

16. I want to do sky dive in 2014.

17. Learn one musical instrument in 2014.

18. Learn basic communication in a new language

19. I have reduced watching Movies and TV Shows drastically at the end of 2013. I hope I will continue the same and watch more news and documentaries.

20. I have always been proud of saying that I work much faster than my peers. But what I am doing in my free is not so productive. I hope to make use of this free time in office to improve any of the above mentioned areas.

November 1, 2013

Sardar Patel’s Statue

The hot news going around the political circle is about Sardar Vallabhai Patel’s Statue that is to be built on one of the island near Gujarat. Modi laid the foundation stone in the presence of huge media coverage along with the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. When I first saw the news that the statue would be 182 mts and twice as big as Statue of Liberty I was awestruck by the size that they are planning. But the when I saw the cost as whopping Rs 2,074 crore, the first question that came into my mind was, “Can we afford it?”


The statue is being built as a symbol of unity. But who in India would remember our first Home Minister or the next would be Prime Minister as a symbol for unity. Both have a notorious background of going against Muslims. So is this really about symbolizing unity or it is yet another political gimmick which would cost the common man yet another  humongous amount of tax money.

There is a website and a youtube video which has been prepared to justify their act and decision about this statue. Being a supporter of Modi or may be being against Congress, I personally feel that this kind of amount could be used to resolve much better purposes which are plaguing India right now.

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November 1, 2013

Should I be happy for India’s run chase

Yesterday India has won yet another high scoring game while chasing. I have to feel happy about it but rather I am feeling really sad. If we look at the series so far below are the match results:

1st ODI: Australia 304/8 (50/50 ov); India 232 (49.4/50 ov) Run Rate: 5.4 Wickets: 18
2nd ODI: Australia 359/5 (50/50 ov); India 362/1 (43.3/50 ov) Run Rate: 7.73 Wickets: 6
3rd ODI: India 303/9 (50/50 ov); Australia 304/6 (49.3/50 ov) Run Rate: 6.11 Wickets: 15
4th ODI: Australia 295/8 (50/50 ov); India 27/0 (4.1/50 ov) Run Rate: 5.95 Wickets: 8
5th ODI: Match abandoned without a ball bowled
6th ODI: Australia 350/6 (50/50 ov); India 351/4 (49.3/50 ov) Run Rate: 7.05 Wickets: 10

Its been a batsmen paradise through out the series. As mentioned in commentary yesterday, bowling in this series would be most hazardous job someone can do. If we look at the statistics batsmen from both sides have scored heavily while the bowlers have been on the receiving end.

Top 5 batsmen in the series
Player         Inn  Runs Avg       100s 50s
GJ Bailey     5     474  118.50  1       3
V Kohli        4     344  172.00  2       2
RG Sharma 5     282  94.00    1       1
S Dhawan   5     224  56.00    1       1
GJ Maxwell 5    188  37.60     0       2

Top 5 Bowlers in the series
Player                Inns  Wkts  Ave      Econ
MG Johnson     5        7        33.42  5.68
R Vinay Kumar 4        7        34.71  7.04
R Ashwin          5        7        40.57  6.17
JP Faulkner       4        6        40.83  7.10
RA Jadeja          5        5        52.40  5.24

A batsmen scoring at an average of 40 in a series would be considered as a good bet. Similarly, a bowler who bowls at an average of less than 25 in a series would be a better bowler. But from the above stats it is very evident that batsmen has performed superlatively while bowlers have under performed.

If we look at the current Indian side, it is having a formidable opening pair, a very strong middle order, an amazing batsmen who can chase mammoth scores, a cool match winning captain who can play lower middle order and a much better tail end compared to any other Indian cricket team before. By saying this I can boldly say we are having one of the best batting side ever even with the absence of ODI greats like Sachin, Sehwag & Ganguly. In contrast, India is currently having one of the worst, inconsistent bowling line up with an exception of Bhuvaneswar Kumar.

Dhoni has to look out for more bowling options rather than sticking to the same set of losers. I guess BCCI should go beyond Ishant, Vinay, Shami & Unadkat and give chances to more and more good bowlers who are performing well in domestic cricket. This would help out in rotating players and getting the bench strength before World Cup 2015. If the same continues and no measures are taken, there will be stage where every youth in India would want to become a batsmen and there will be no good bowlers.

I hope to see a day when India would be the best in both bowling and batting departments like Australia and South Africa.

October 22, 2013

7 Month Old

Time flies. Sharvani is already 7 month old. Life has changed drastically after her arrival. I have started a blog specific to her and couldn’t update due to my laziness. Hope to keep my blogs going and grow along with her.


October 22, 2013

Is it time to Quit my Job

22nd October 2007, I joined Credit Suisse as a Business Objects consultant. Its been 6 years and it takes no genius to confirm that its time to hang my boots here. But before I do that I wanted to think about the genuine reasons as why I want to quit.



Every morning I wake up and think twice to go to office.

I really dislike my boss and his boss attitude towards me.

My skills are not being tapped since long time.

I have been doing the same stuff for 6 years and I do not see any more challenges

I feel I am doing more work than what I am being paid for

Apart from the above reasons, the most important is that I am living in a comfort zone and I feel I am stuck in this place. A feeling of complacency has creeped in.

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October 22, 2013

6 Years & Counting!!!

Today is the day when I first left my parents. Today is the day when I first started living independently. Today is the day when I landed in a foreign land. Today is the day 6 years ago that I first came to Singapore.


When I first came here, I never thought I would be spending so many long years here. Just wanted it to be a small stint and leave to another country. Everyone asked me if I am settling here and if I liked it. The answer is NO. Definitely I would not settle in Singapore and the only reason I liked it is for the proximity to India and many other travel destinations.


Now the next question would be what made me stay for so long. I do not have a definitive answer for that. I have been surrounded by very good people which made my stay comfortable. Travel bug has bit me and wanted to cover Southeast Asia before I leave Singapore. Also most important changes in my life has happened here which needed some time to settle in. Got married and now have a baby because of which I couldn’t really take a bold step to go to a new place.


So How long do I stay in Singapore? I have no clue. It could be a month a year or may be another 6 years. I would like to thank all my friends who have made my stay in Singapore comfortable and happy.

February 14, 2013

Happy Anniversary Swetha

Our anniversary reminds me That there is someone who
Loves me, Support me, Understands me, Caress me, Take care of me, Stand by me
364 days in a year!
How lucky can I get?
Another 365 days is coming up!
Brace yourself, wifey!
Happy Anniversary!Image

January 1, 2013

2012 review of my blog

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 23,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 5 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.