Resolutions for 2017

Its time for the Resolutions for the new year. Yet another year will pass and yet many goals will not be reached. But I like to write them down because I will at least know what I wanted during this time of life.

1. My top priority and the top of the list would be to learn a new technology which would help me find a job soon once I am job less.

2. Life with Shannu and Srihan is quite busy. So I will keep a minimum target for myself to read atleast 12 books.

3. Without the fitness goal in it, its not called as a resolution for the year. By the end of year, I want to be lean and fit and weigh not more than 70Kgs.

4. Want to visit atleast 2 National Parks this year.

5. I have been very bad with my finances through out my life. I should keep an account of every penny that I earn/spend/lend.

6. No Investments – Lessons learned hard way

7. Call everyone for their birthday than messaging on Social Media

8. Start Running

9. Sky Dive.

10. Learn one musical instrument in 2014.

11. Learn basic communication in a new language

12. Learn something new everyday and document it.

13. Learn Photography and take more and more pictures


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