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November 7, 2011

My New Mobile Stand

October 17, 2011

Disappointed with Apple for not releasing iPhone 5?

When Apple first announced the release of iPhone 4S, I heard lot of people saying that they were disappointed to see this phone with not many new features. I am not sure if anyone has actually gone through the features of the phone rather just commented based on other’s comments.

Even though iOS 5 has given iPhone 4, 80% of what iPhone 4S can do,  Apple was able to lure people with the female voice of Siri. After watching the video of iPhone 4S and seeing the capabilities of Siri, I was totally convinced to buy the phone.

Meanwhile in this whole negative comments against the phone, Apple has released its sales number which read


That 7 times more than what Apple made with iPhone 4. This shows that Apple is the most wanted phone in todays world.

October 15, 2011

iPhone 4S

As I installed iOS 5, I showed some interest to know what iPhone 4S is capable of. Thanks to my friend who keeps me updated with the news through his blog, I got to know about the features of iPhone 4S. Below is the same link I am sharing in my blog.

October 15, 2011

iOS 5 from Apple

I am one of the thousands of people who have already upgraded to iOS 5. Just one day old and I am already in love with this release of OS from Apple. If you still haven’t upgraded, watch this video and you will know what you are missing.

The best and useful features that I have found are:

– Camera click from volume button

– iMessaging

– Notifications

– iCloud

Frankly after seeing these features, I felt I should buy one iPad and enjoy that experience too.

April 2, 2011

India – Winner of World Cup 2011

March 21, 2011

A Parting Note

Same as last 3 days even today morning everything seemed very good and I was hoping the day to go well. I was not aware of what was in stock for me on this fateful afternoon. It was 3 hours ago when she decided to leave me. Everything happened all of a sudden. Neither me nor anybody else could see it coming. I never anticipated this to happen.

She was very very very important to me for so many reasons. She was always with me in both happy and sad occasions. She stood by me in both tough and glory times. She have always taken care and made sure that I was never alone, and left out. She was my beautiful personal secretary and would do everything for me that is there in her limits – right from waking me up, to help me organize myself, to help me reach my friends, to book my movie tickets, to check my balance sheet etc. She would sing and entertain me when ever I was bored or stressed out. I was always connected with the world when she was with me. I say that she is everything in my life but still she meant a lot in my life. She came into my life unexpectedly and left in the same way abruptly. Neither her arrival nor her departure from my life was expected by me.

Yes, you expected it correctly, I lost my iphone on the day of holi in the cab 😦 . That means – no calls, no music on the move, no alarm clock in the morning, no organizer to remember important dates and activities, no pastime games when bored and no SMS to friends just to kill time during the meetings, most important no facebook and no internet. I can overcome all this just by buying any other stupid phone. But here comes the worst part – I have already lost my 350+ contacts – something I always feared when I heard about this from friends.

I have been depressed since last night. I have been calling my number and I can hear only one voice: “The number you are calling is not available”. I called customer support and blocked my Sim and the only positive point out of this is that I can retain my number, so there is no need to update my phone number to all my friends.

Then after all this anger and frustration, I remembered this song from Munna bhai MBBS –

which has lyrics as

Sapna toota hai to dil kabhi jalta hai
Haan thoda dard hua par chalta  hai
Sapna toota hai to dil kabhi jalta hai
Haan thoda dard hua par chalta  hai

Phir, phir kya hua?
Phir, phir kya hua?
Agle din apne mohalle main aishwarya aayi…
Apna khopdi phir chakkar kha gaya
Phri truck ke saath phir chakkar kha gaya

This has given a boost and went straight to Starhub to renew my contract and took iphone 4. Now I and Swetha are proud owners of iPhone 4. Now I am trying to get a backup for contacts.

June 30, 2010

Random Post from Iphone

December 28, 2009

Addicted to iPhone

Within no time, iphone has become part of my life. With all those little apps, right from games to useful trackers to everyday planners, all these have become pretty addictive. The major attraction for these apps is, they are free or very cheap. These apps enable me to have my life available literally at my finger tips. I heard that there are loads and loads of new apps come every day and there are around 1,00,000 apps currently around the world.

I heard that, in Redmond, there is a Internet Addiction Center opened. This is to rehabilitate the people who are addicted to different digital equipment. So how do we know if we are addicted?

According to one of the experts quoted in a article, if we are spending two hours or more a day engaged with our digital equipment and it’s not for work- or homework-related reasons, then we are addicted to that digital device. And after reading this, yes I confirm that I am addicted to iPhone.

December 28, 2009

iPhone Couple

iPhone couple

I have been seeing the revolution brought by iphone in the past 2 years. I never wanted to buy one for different reasons. Recently, all my friends in Singapore bought iphone and started taunting me for not having one. I tried hard to stop myself from buying, but finally ended up contracting for me as well as for Swetha. We both are proud owners of iPhone 3GS 32GB.

Now after couple of weeks I would say that this is the best phone I have ever used in my life and we are now a happy iPhone couple.