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January 6, 2012

Ayyare Movie Trailer

All the best to my friend Kala Sagar for his Directorial Debut. Movie is scheduled to release in mid of January. Here is the snippet of the movie.

December 21, 2011

Rare Photo of Legends of Music

Russel Pookutty, A.R.Rahman, Zakir ussain, Akon, Sivamani

December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday, Walt Disney!

110th birthday of Creator who made life of parents easy and tough at the same time 😉

December 5, 2011

R.I.P. Dev Anand

June 27, 2011

Remembering R D Burman

Today is the day when a legend was born. He started creating magic through his tunes right from the age of 9. Professional circuit call him Rahul Dev Burman, Friends call him Pancham and fans call him BOSS.

I still remember the day when my cousin (Prabhakar) gave all his collection of cassettes to me & my brother. We were happy to see so many audio cassettes and observed one thing in unique. Music director for all those movies was R.D. Burman. It was at that point I started listening to his music and fell in love with his magic.

Whether it is Romantic Song “Raat Kali” or Sexy Cabaret number “Piya Tu ab tho Aaja” or Hippie song “Dum Maro Dum”, Pancham was versatile and comfortable with all kinds of music genres available during his era. Today I wish he was still alive and give more and more hits to the world. There are many people around the world who can listen to his music for hours and enjoy every minute of it.

Happy Birthday BOSS.

June 9, 2011

Movie Mania

This weekend was one of those weekends where I was very relaxed without any work and tension. Its been a while that I had seen any movies and I decided I should make most of this weekend.

I started off on Friday by watching the movie X-Men First Class. It was a nice movie as the other movies in the series. Came home late night and asked Swetha if she would watch X-Men. As she hasn’t seen the movie earlier she accepted my offer and that’s when the movie mania started. Starting there I have seen below 14 movies this weekend.

X-Men First Class
Final Season
Alice in Wonderland
Chalo Dilli
Tanu Weds Manu
Percy Jackson & The Lightning thief
Scott Pilgrim vs The World
Sexy Beast

I also played 4 hours of badminton. This weekend it was really competitive and hope that continues. After this wonderful weekend, till date my week is going on great and hope this month goes the same way :).

March 30, 2011

Nutan Prasad Passes Away

Veteran Actor Nutan Prasad died today and its a big loss to the Telugu film fraternity. He was a versatile actor and has acted in roles right from comedian to character artist to a serious villain.

Source of the image

He acted in many movies along with top actor Chiranjeevi. Even after being handicapped due to an accident, he acted in many films and have given nice performances. He also did a stint in TV show Neralu Ghoralu which was a hit. He was bestowed with NTR Award for his excellent work in Telugu films. He also got a Nandi Award for Best Supporting Actor.

January 16, 2011

No One Killed Jessica

I was never too keen in any news or current affairs. Since childhood other than the news about sports, I never cared what happened in India and around the world. But definitely there were some news which get such a hype and visibility that even if you want to avoid you cannot and one such news was Jessica Lal’s murder. I have heard the name Jessica Lal for years on the television. Even then I didn’t really had an idea as what has really happened.

When I saw the promos of NOKJ, I thought before I see the movie, I should know the facts. I relied on my favorite site yet again for the information. While I reading through the story I heart was touched and I came know how and why people around India have reacted so much about the incident. I was totally shocked to see how the political system won over the judicial system when the case was a clear open and shut case. At the same time I am also happy that the media came for the rescue in this case whom we blame of exploiting the situations for sensationalize the news items.

Today I and my friends saw the movie NOKJ and were totally impressed with the director’s sincere attempt to show the truth. He has done a great job in bringing the most sensational and controversial case in India on to screen keeping all the facts intact. The film starts with the song Dilli which was really nice and it has set the pace for the movie. Director and the actors were successful in showing how unity can bring about a change. I have heard some negative remarks about the movie’s coarse language, but I guess thats quite common in the current society and I am sure no offense was intended.

I would rate this 3.5 out of 5 and is definitely a one time watch.

December 30, 2010

It’s A Wonderful Life

It was just a regular evening, I went home and was feeling low because of the office work which was not moving forward. At the same time I was hosting my German friends at my place. They felt that something was wrong and asked me if we can go out and do something interesting to pep up my mood. As I was not in a mood to go out, I asked them if they wish to watch an old movie which is my all time favorite. Then started a journey of introspection into my soul and mind which made me feel better.

I have been watching hundreds of movies all these years and NO movie has ever influenced me more than this classic. I think there is no other film which would make people think how wonderful their life is and how the world would be if we were not there. It makes us feel important and inspires us a lot. This movie shows the value of a single person and what he or she can contribute to the world with out their knowledge.

Everything about this film can be said in one word – Perfect. I am sure the actor would have boasted this to be his best performance of lifetime. Its not just the materialistic performance I am talking about, but the character that he played and the message that character delivers is simple superb. The protagonist in the movie makes you think deeply giving little hope for mankind and faith in god. I loved the directors angle of showing the angel as a common man giving the comic touch of not having the wings.

I always believed that there is a reason for everything in the world to happen. In the same way, I am definite that there is a magical reason for why this film was made. What can I say? This movie is a life changing experience. It will make you feel good to be alive and you will never feel that you have wasted your time waiting for something.

Finally I would say that when ever you are sad or low or depressed, then either watch this movie or think about the message that this movie delivers, I can bet you will start feeling great. At the end of the movie I started feeling good. I felt that I should have more fun in life and do all crazy things which I like.

“It’s A Wonderful Life” is a wonderful movie.

December 25, 2010

Who’s Hawt – Sheela or Munni?

For years now we knew Malaika Arora Khan as the best item girl in Bollywood. She has done many item songs right from Chaiyya Chaiyya from Dil Se to Mahi Ve in Kaante  then Kaal Kaal with Sharukh in Kaal to Honth Rasiley from Welcome. The latest blockbuster hit in her kitty is the item song from movie Dabangg – Munni Badnaam Hui.

These days bollywood is abuzz with comparison between who is the hottest item girl in 2010 with none other than Katrina Kaif coming into the competition with her only item dance number ‘sheela is jawani’ in Tees Maar Khan.

The discussion has been so wide spread that communities in the name of Munni and Sheela has been started in Facebook where Sheela has pipped off munni with great difference. There has been lot of discussion that took place on twitter about the same. Even in YouTube Katrina Kaif’s video has been hit more than 1.3 million times where as Munni’s video is clicked for less than half a million.

I have found the below photo online which gave a reasonable comparison between sheela ki jawani and munni badnaam hui. As Katrina is my favorite, I would also vote for Sheela ki Jawani to be better than Munni Badnaam Hui